#TuentiChallenge3. Working at Tuenti, a Real Opportunity (Part 1)

Publicado el 08/4/2013 por Eng Outreach Committee

As we promised in the previous blog post about TuentiChallenge, we’re pleased to introduce you to some of the winners from previous editions so they can tell you, from their personal experience, what the Challenge consists of and the most exciting thing about working at Tuenti. Let’s start with Pedro Pardal, 23, a Computer Engineer from Málaga that has been working at Tuenti for almost a year.

How did you find out about the Contest and what made you sign up?
I heard about the first challenge from a friend at my university. Since I wasn’t lucky the first time, I decided to try again last year when I received the reminder from Tuenti. For me, aside from wanting to participate in the competition itself, it was a way for me to put my knowledge and skills into practice and an opportunity to learn new stuff.

What Programming language did you use?
Java as the main language, since at that time, it was the one that I felt the most comfortable with, C# being my favorite, and C when I needed super-high-performance. I also tried LISP for one problem, as I like to play and experiment, but to no avail :(

Did you expect to be finalist? 
I didn't expect it at all because the first time I participated, I didn't even make it as a finalist, and last year’s challenges were way harder than the first time. However, it is surprising to see how you can improve in just a year :)

What is the best of being part of Tuenti? 
There are a lot of things that make working here an incredible experience. You have to face new challenges every day, so you can grow as a professional and learn new things all the time. Being surrounded by people that are really passionate about what they do is also incredible!

Who would you encourage to participate?
If you love programming, hacking and solving puzzles and are looking for a way to prove that you have knowledge and skills, then there's no doubt you should take part.

Do you remember your favorite challenge? How did you solve it?
For me it was the 19th. It took me almost two days of trying crazy ideas to realise that the transformations were applied in binary. Once I figured it out, it was just a matter of time before I was able find the pattern.

Do you remember the most difficult? 
My favorite one (19th) was, of course, the most difficult!

This year's Tuenti Challenge will take place April 29 - May 6. Remember, registration is still open so hurry and sign up!