TuentiChallenge3. Are you in?

Publicado el 25/2/2013 por Eng Outreach Committee 

We are pleased to announce that the third edition of Tuenti Challenge is about to begin. Starting today, whoever accepts the challenge can sign up to participate!
We’re very excited about this new edition and its novelties, but just in case this is the first time you’re hearing about Tuenti Challenge, let’s start from the beginning:

What’s #TuentiChallenge?

Tuenti Challenge consists of programming challenges and other tests that can be quite tricky, so contestants really have to give their brain a workout. It’s not a speed competition- the Tuenti Eng Team values the quality of solutions, code, and algorithms.


How does it work?

The contest is divided into two phases: the first will take place online and the second in our office. The winners of the first phase will be those with the top 50 scores and will receive a Tuenti prize pack. The score will be computed by taking into account the number of challenges solved and, if there is a tie, the time taken to submit the solution. Some challenges will have both a small and a large input, and both will be considered when calculating the score.

The solutions implemented by the 50 winners of the 1st phase will be manually reviewed by Tuenti’s engineers. They will consider automatic metrics along with other factors related to quality: the algorithm chosen, the quality of code, and cleanliness. The language chosen won't be considered in the scoring.  The top 10 of these winners will be chosen to participate the second phase that will take place in the office, and they will have the opportunity to spend a day working alongside our engineers, participate in incredible workshops and win awesome prizes. They could even end up working at Tuenti!

Past editions

During the following weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of the winners from previous editions, and they will tell you about their favourite challenges. Do you have any questions for them? Follow us in the official Tuenti Page or on twitter at #TuentiChallenge3

Here we go!