HMU29: and the winners are…

Publicado el 17/6/2016 por Outreach Committee

Another quarter, another Hack Me Up. The 29th edition of our internal programming competition has just finished at the Tuenti office in Madrid. Bots from the sofa was the theme of this edition, which is why projects were focussed on bot technology.

With 13 projects presents, these are the final results:

  • Super Call Saving Player, the winning project in the Product category. Jessica, Manolo and Rayco made a new awesome player for the call saving functionality.
  • Tuenti Core was the project that took home the Geek Cup. Sergio made a multiplatform development in C# to show the posibilites of the .net framework. Very geek, indeed.

Despite there being only two winning projects, many of those presented were of excellent technical quality and may be implemented at Tuenti for the use of our clients and users. We’ll keep you informed ;)

Congratulations to the winning teams!

New edition #HMU23: Interface Your Telco

Publicado el 25/7/2014 por Eng Outreach Committee

The 23rd edition of our HMU concludes with two winning projects at Tuenti's offices. Focused on creating new products that provide Tuenti Móvil customers with added value, in this edition the product portion took place with the title Interface Your Telco.

The Tuenti engineers began to prepare their projects yesterday at about 5pm, following a couple of training discussions with two team members regarding WebRTC and APIs, and they will finish them today at the same time. As always, the event included dinner at the office, naps, and a lot of work to be done.

Members of the entire Tuenti team submitted votes to select the winners. The Awesome Dialer project by Andu and Julio, which consisted of improving the phone number dialer and redirecting calls using the Tuenti app, received first place. Daniel and José Antonio earned second place with their Calls in Chat project, which transcribes free calls using the Tuenti app in the chat history as text.

#HMU22: The Telco of the Future

Publicado el 31/1/2014 por Juanjo Coello, Eng Outreach Committee

The 22nd edition of our HMU has just finished with two winning projects from our Madrid and Barcelona offices. We like creating innovative products that provide added value to our Tuenti Móvil clients and that are completely innovative within the Spanish MVNO market. That’s why this edition was centered on the telco of the future on the product side, and on internal tools and other tech ideas on the geek side.

Tuenti engineers began preparing their projects yesterday at about 17:00 in order to have them finished today at the same time. As always, there was a dinner in the office, naps, and a lot of work to do. You can see how hard our engineers work in this video from the last edition as they work non-stop for 24 hours.

Winners are chosen by votes cast by the whole Tuenti team. In the Product category, the winner was Victor Pimentel, for Telco of the Future. His project consisted in looking toward the telco of the future through the eyes of the past, the 19th century, to be exact. It included features from that era.

On the other hand, the geek vote, chosen by other participants in this edition of the HMO, went to Pebble, a project by Iván Nikolic, Ignacio de Soto, Miguel Ros, Albert Fernández, Ana Escontrela and Fernando Cejas. This project was based on the integration of Pebble smartwatches with mobile applications. As a demo, they implemented the popular game Pong, making use of each player’s watch accelerometer to move the ball and share information among watches to calculate the position of the ball, among other things. Games can also be started from Tuenti chat.