HMU29: and the winners are…

Publicado el 17/6/2016 por Outreach Committee

Another quarter, another Hack Me Up. The 29th edition of our internal programming competition has just finished at the Tuenti office in Madrid. Bots from the sofa was the theme of this edition, which is why projects were focussed on bot technology.

With 13 projects presents, these are the final results:

  • Super Call Saving Player, the winning project in the Product category. Jessica, Manolo and Rayco made a new awesome player for the call saving functionality.
  • Tuenti Core was the project that took home the Geek Cup. Sergio made a multiplatform development in C# to show the posibilites of the .net framework. Very geek, indeed.

Despite there being only two winning projects, many of those presented were of excellent technical quality and may be implemented at Tuenti for the use of our clients and users. We’ll keep you informed ;)

Congratulations to the winning teams!

#TuentiChallenge4: First round!

Publicado el 06/5/2014 por Daniel Pañeda & Alfredo Beaumont, Engineering Team

The first round of the fourth edition of Tuenti Challenge ended as scheduled yesterday at 1:37 pm. In this first phase, nearly 2,000 registered individuals spent the week resolving 2,054 exercises that combined 50% programming and algorithms, 30% security and 20% ingenuity. The languages most used by the contestants of this edition were Python, C++, Java and PHP. In this first phase, the engineering team focused primarily on the execution time of each problem, the quality of the code, ensuring that solutions were not shared, etc.

#TuentiChallenge4 is a competition for showing our technical skills and allowing people with technical interests to have a good time while giving visibility to Tuenti as a company that is firmly based on technology in order to find especially qualified individuals for our team.

To continue hacking or to complete any unfinished exercises, the webpage for the Challenge will remain available until next year. ;) We would like to congratulate the 50 classified contenders and thank everyone for participating! Now, for the second round. This is becoming more and more exciting!