#TuentiChallenge3. Working at Tuenti, a Real Opportunity (Part 3)

Publicado el 12/4/2013 por Eng Outreach Committee

The last, but not least, the conclusion of our interviews with previous winners is wrapped up with Oleg Zaystev. He was born in the Ukraine and came to Spain with his family when he was 14. He finished school here and did a Mathematics degree at UCM, which he finished while working at Tuenti.

How did you find out about the Contest? What made you sign up?
I saw an ad on Tuenti, and I love programming so it was an easy decision. To be honest, I had  been counting down the days to start the contest.

What Programming language did you use?
I used Python for all my problems. It’s my favorite programming language and it’s fast enough to solve all problems in a reasonable amount time. The ability to handle very large numbers without doing any extras was another positive point for Python.

Did you expect to be finalist?
Well, I wanted to be more than I expected I would be until the last day. I got stuck on the 8th problem for 2 days, and when I reached the 20th, I almost gave up on it. The inspiration came to me on the last evening and I was finally able to solve them all.

What is the best  thing about being part of Tuenti?
You learn a lot every day. Every day you can develop yourself professionally and personally, there’s always somebody to help, and there’s always somebody who appreciates your help.

Who would you encourage to participate?
Anybody who likes programming should participate, even if s/he doesn’t want to work with us. I had a very good time solving the challenges and it didn’t take me a lot of time. In fact, I did most of the challenges at night - early morning, when I was coming back home after playing video games with my friends all night.

Do you remember your favorite challenge? How did you solve it?
It was the 19th challenge. I had to paint the binary code in different colors to find the pattern. It took me a lot of time and I had to tweak the algorithm because I’d never seen it before.

Do you remember the most difficult? How did you solve it?
The most difficult was the funniest one and my favorite! It couldn’t have been any other way.

Don’t forget to sign up! Registration is still open, so hurry up! At Tuenti, we’re already gearing up to start the challenge of the year! Are you ready? ;)

#TuentiChallenge3. Working at Tuenti, a Real Opportunity (Part 2)

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Time flies and #TuentiChallenge3 is only two weeks away (remember, registration is still open so hurry and sign up!). We know waiting is hard, so let’s learn some more about the winners of previous editions... If you are one of the 2,600 registered participants, Daniel Rey’s experiences will be really useful. He’s one of the youngest members of our team (only 22) and was finishing up his studies in computer Engineering at Oviedo University when joined Tuenti.

How did you find out about the Contest? What made you sign up?
I signed up for the second edition after an email was sent directly to me. I don’t remember how I found out about the contest the year before... I think I saw an ad on Tuenti. I signed up because I like challenges, especially those about logic and programming.

What Programming language did you use?
I used Python, but for some problems I used C++ for a little extra speed. For these kinds of challenges, the language speed is usually not nearly as important as the algorithm used, so I think the best language to use is the one that you are most comfortable with.

Did you expect to be finalist?
In the previous edition, I solved 18 of the 20 problems, so I was pretty confident that this time, if I didn’t get stuck with one of the difficult problems, I could be at least near the top.

What is the best of being part of Tuenti?
There are incredible people here, and you have the opportunity to learn something new everyday... the kinds of things you normally don’t learn during your studies.

Who would you encourage to participate?
Everyone with notions of programming who is looking for an intellectual challenge. The prizes are good, the possibility of being recruited by Tuenti is even better, and even if you don’t make it into the finals, a week of continuous challenge and fun is still worthwhile.

Do you remember your favorite challenge? How did you solve it?
It was the 19th. I felt ultra-powerful when I discovered a pattern in the numbers after hours of staring at them.

Do you remember the most difficult? How did you solve it?
The most difficult one for me was the last one. I spent almost a week trying to solve it, and the last night I left my laptop trying to solve by brute-force with every possible solution that my (tired) mind could think of. When I woke up, I was ready to give up, but the program had found the solution! A few hours later, and just in time, I submitted the complete solution to the problem :)

#TuentiChallenge3. Working at Tuenti, a Real Opportunity (Part 1)

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As we promised in the previous blog post about TuentiChallenge, we’re pleased to introduce you to some of the winners from previous editions so they can tell you, from their personal experience, what the Challenge consists of and the most exciting thing about working at Tuenti. Let’s start with Pedro Pardal, 23, a Computer Engineer from Málaga that has been working at Tuenti for almost a year.

How did you find out about the Contest and what made you sign up?
I heard about the first challenge from a friend at my university. Since I wasn’t lucky the first time, I decided to try again last year when I received the reminder from Tuenti. For me, aside from wanting to participate in the competition itself, it was a way for me to put my knowledge and skills into practice and an opportunity to learn new stuff.

What Programming language did you use?
Java as the main language, since at that time, it was the one that I felt the most comfortable with, C# being my favorite, and C when I needed super-high-performance. I also tried LISP for one problem, as I like to play and experiment, but to no avail :(

Did you expect to be finalist? 
I didn't expect it at all because the first time I participated, I didn't even make it as a finalist, and last year’s challenges were way harder than the first time. However, it is surprising to see how you can improve in just a year :)

What is the best of being part of Tuenti? 
There are a lot of things that make working here an incredible experience. You have to face new challenges every day, so you can grow as a professional and learn new things all the time. Being surrounded by people that are really passionate about what they do is also incredible!

Who would you encourage to participate?
If you love programming, hacking and solving puzzles and are looking for a way to prove that you have knowledge and skills, then there's no doubt you should take part.

Do you remember your favorite challenge? How did you solve it?
For me it was the 19th. It took me almost two days of trying crazy ideas to realise that the transformations were applied in binary. Once I figured it out, it was just a matter of time before I was able find the pattern.

Do you remember the most difficult? 
My favorite one (19th) was, of course, the most difficult!

This year's Tuenti Challenge will take place April 29 - May 6. Remember, registration is still open so hurry and sign up!

TuentiChallenge3. Are you in?

Publicado el 25/2/2013 por Eng Outreach Committee 

We are pleased to announce that the third edition of Tuenti Challenge is about to begin. Starting today, whoever accepts the challenge can sign up to participate!
We’re very excited about this new edition and its novelties, but just in case this is the first time you’re hearing about Tuenti Challenge, let’s start from the beginning:

What’s #TuentiChallenge?

Tuenti Challenge consists of programming challenges and other tests that can be quite tricky, so contestants really have to give their brain a workout. It’s not a speed competition- the Tuenti Eng Team values the quality of solutions, code, and algorithms.


How does it work?

The contest is divided into two phases: the first will take place online and the second in our office. The winners of the first phase will be those with the top 50 scores and will receive a Tuenti prize pack. The score will be computed by taking into account the number of challenges solved and, if there is a tie, the time taken to submit the solution. Some challenges will have both a small and a large input, and both will be considered when calculating the score.

The solutions implemented by the 50 winners of the 1st phase will be manually reviewed by Tuenti’s engineers. They will consider automatic metrics along with other factors related to quality: the algorithm chosen, the quality of code, and cleanliness. The language chosen won't be considered in the scoring.  The top 10 of these winners will be chosen to participate the second phase that will take place in the office, and they will have the opportunity to spend a day working alongside our engineers, participate in incredible workshops and win awesome prizes. They could even end up working at Tuenti!

Past editions

During the following weeks, we’ll introduce you to some of the winners from previous editions, and they will tell you about their favourite challenges. Do you have any questions for them? Follow us in the official Tuenti Page or on twitter at #TuentiChallenge3

Here we go!

A promise is a Promise - Tuenti's talk at dotJS

Publicado el 18/1/2013 por David Iglesias, Senior Engineer

Last 30th November some of us attended to the first dotJS, the largest JavaScript Conference in France. Although it wasn’t planned, I had the chance to talk about solutions to synchronize events in JS and not give up in trying.

Does that sound familiar to you? Check the presentation out!