Hack Me Up 18

Publicado el 30/7/2012 por Diego Muñoz, Senior Engineer

Last week we held the latest edition of our Hack Me Up, an internal challenge to spend 24 hours building personal projects related with Tuenti. We had the two typical tracks, "product" and "geek", and almost 15 projects made it in time to be presented.

On the product track the winner project was Clippy cupcake, by Oleg Zaytsev, the comeback from the old Office Word assistant Clippy, "helping you" using tuenti by auto liking photos, searching for hot girls, and other funny tasks.

On the geek track we have again David Iglesias as the winner, with More Chocolate, an API to do batch inserts on Google Spreadsheets to save money,bandwith and CPU time, and thus allow Tuenti to buy more chocolate for us the hungry engineers ;)

The full list of projects presented by track is as follows:

Product track

  • Clippy cupcake: Funny old Office Word assistant Clippy, "helping you" using tuenti by auto liking photos, searching for hot girls, etc.
  • Useful spotify: Full screen photos
  • Tuenti traslator: Many more emoticons on chat + replacements for common words to icons
  • Simpe is better: Photo rotations made easy
  • Productivity-bust: Chrome extension to help user support easily use selected text (phone numbers, usernames...) in our backoffice tools
  • Tuentileaks: Gossip sharebox where you can anonymously write status and your friends will read them.
  • HTML5 video chat: HTML5 + Javascript only video chat, without Flash
  • User trees: See a graph of all friends of a user. With extra tools for administrators.
  • Event chat: Chat with other event participants
  • Tuentigrams: Instagram-like filters for the Blackberry application

Geek track

  • More chocolate: Google Spreadsheet batch inserts
  • Samuel Documenter Jackson: PHP file analyzer that complains about missing documentation
  • iCal integration: iCal format export of events/agenda
  • Jedi Hands: Navigate through tuenti using a hand marker with a videocamera
  • Tubot: Chat bot that can provide you with information of servers, branches status, and funny messages