And the #TuentiChallenge3 winners are...

Publicado el 24/5/2013 por Jorge Lería, Engineer, & Rosa Gutiérrez, Senior Engineer

The most difficult Tuenti programming challenge yet has come to an end with great results! Congratulations to all of those who were finalists out of the 3,900 participants! After a day of workshops and talks that our engineers gave to the 10 finalists in our office in Madrid, we’ve finally chosen the 3 winners of the 3rd edition of the Tuenti Challenge based on having correctly solved the problems, they type of algorithms they used and the quality of the code, among other factors:
1. Enric C.
2. Lander R.
3. Borja M.

The participants who also made it to the end of this edition were:

1. Daniel A.
2. Alfredo B.
3. Shoghi C.
4. Alejandro J.
5. Pedro L.
6. Javier M.
7. Rober M.

Our first contact with the contest finalists of the Tuenti Challenge took place at a BBQ with our CEO, Zaryn Dentzel. Our typical Tuenti style company culture was shining through, and the contestants met some of our employees in a very relaxed and informal setting.

During the day at our office, work sessions were held with our engineers along with workshops and interviews with Human Resources that made up this final phase of #TuentiChallenge3 before choosing the winners. The workshops were carried out by:

1. Miguel Lara, Mobile Apps Engineer Lead: 10 things we learnt becoming mobile. (in other words we messed up and you needn’t)
2. Jesús Bravo, Backend Engineer Senior: Scalability at Tuenti
3. David Iglesias, Software Engineer Senior: Travel for free with Tuenti
4. Luis Peralta, VP Engineering: Product Development at Tuenti
5. Davide Mendolia, Software Engineer Lead: Tuenti Life Cycle

At the end of the afternoon, we announced the name of the winners in our office in Madrid with the entire Tuenti staff celebrating the now mythic programming contest used to strengthen our engineering team. Thanks to all of the participants for all of the dedication and effort put into each of the problems, and for getting better and better with each edition. See you next year!