#TuentiChallenge5, the grand finale

Publicado el 29/5/2015 por Luis Peralta, CTO

All good things must come to an end. The final phase of this edition of our programming contest has finalized today at our Madrid office far exceeding our expectations. But it couldn’t be any other way, considering that this was the most difficult of the five so far.

The 10 Tuenti Challenge 5 finalists came in yesterday to meet the team, so we received them by celebrating with a barbecue at our CTO’s home, as is the Tuenti style.

In spite of not having finished the 20 problems that we initially posed in the first phase, they are the top 10 challengers, those that have solved the largest number of problems and with better code quality. As expected, we were impressed by the technical quality of the workshops and interviews we shared with them all throughout the day. The formative workshops were:

  • Delta, by Luis Peralta, CTO.
  • Building a VoIP Service using mobile WebRTC, by Pedro Álvarez, Lead Software Engineer.
  • Tuenti Architecture, by Jesús Bravo, Lead Software Engineer.
  • RM Cycle in Tuenti, by Jose Plana, Senior SRE Engineer.

As a finishing touch to this meeting with our finalists, they received different prizes. And as of just a few minutes ago, we have announced the final ranking. The podium is taken by:

  • Albert M.
  • Josep R.
  • José C.

The following are the rest of the participants who also reached this second phase:

  • Iván M.
  • Oriol C.
  • David A.
  • Enrique J.
  • Angel P.
  • Sonia M.
  • Carlos B.

Tuenti Challenge 2015 Finalists

We have been left speechless. This edition has been enormous and we are extremely grateful to the more than 2,300 registered participants, the almost 900 participants that solved at least one problem, the top 50, the top 10, and the champions for having made all of this possible. Thank you very much from everybody on the Tuenti engineering team! And to all of those who didn’t make it to our office today, we hope to see you next year. See you at the #TuentiChallenge6, mates!