#TuentiChallenge4 grand finale!

Publicado el 23/5/2014 por Jorge “Coque” Vas, Senior Software Engineer

Tuenti's 4th programming competition ended today after an intense day of workshops at the company's headquarters in Madrid. First of all, we would like to thank the more than 2,000 participants of this year's competition, and especially the ten finalists who spent yesterday and today in Madrid getting to know the Tuenti team and spirit.

Just like other years, a barbecue was held yesterday to celebrate the challenge and to mark the initial contact of the finalists with the Tuenti lifestyle in an informal event. This year, the terrace of our VP of Product, Philip Arkcoll, was filled with hamburgers, hot dogs and a great atmosphere.

During today's event, the finalists participated in work sessions with our engineers as well as in workshops and interviews with the Human Resources team. This was the final phase of the #TuentiChallenge4 before selecting the winners. The workshops were carried out with:

  • Luis Peralta, CTO: Delta
  • Pedro Álvarez, Senior Software Engineer: Building a VoIP Service Using Mobile WebRTC
  • Jesús Bravo, Lead Software Engineer: Tuenti Architecture
  • José Plana, DevOps Engineer: Tuenti Release Cycle

A few minutes ago, we selected the winners of the fourth edition of the Tuenti Challenge, based on the execution time of each problem and the quality of the code, among other variables. The final podium is as follows:

  1. Darío N.
  2. Leo A.
  3. Mikel A.

The participants who also reached the final phase of this edition are:

  • Ángel G.
  • Álvaro G.
  • José María P.
  • Mario R.
  • Javier S.
  • Jacobo T.
  • Daniel T.

We have just announced the names of the winners to the entire Tuenti team, and we are celebrating by giving a final touch to #TuentiChallenge4, a new edition of our famous programming competition that allows us to promote talent and expand our own engineering team.

We are thrilled with the results obtained in this year's competition! 2,000 THANKS to all the participants. We'll see you next year with more tests to rack your brain. Until the #TuentiChallenge5, aces! ;)