#TuentiChallenge4: Show me the numbers

Publicado el 14/5/2014 por Jorge “Coque” Vas, Senior Software Engineer

604,800 seconds, 120,517 lines of code —this is a new line each 5 seconds—, nearly 2,000 participants, 2,054 problems solved, 1,542 problems solved correctly … but you want more details.


Almost 400 people passed the first challenge, but only 6 brave participants made it to the 20th one. Also, there were three stoppers —problems with less solvers that the next one—. Kudos to you if you were one of the participants that didn’t hit the skip button when you faced challenges 8, 10 and 13.

Time spent

Almost all the problems were solved in an average time shorter than 15 hours, but the 8th challenge kept you busy for 23 hours.

Note: The time to solve the first challenge started counting at the beginning of the contest.

Execution time

There were big differences between some submits and the others, and looks like the 14th challenge was a tough nut to crack. Waiting longer than 1 hour for your code to pass must have been a hard experience.

Top 100 participants’ choice of language

If you didn’t make it this year, you may need to upgrade your tool belt with some new fancy languages. Which are the choices of the 100 fastest participants? Maybe you want to try with Python or C++ next year.

Lines of code

The shortest code was an 8 lines tiny Python solution to problem 3. The largest code has the awesome number of 7,467 lines  —please, please, tell us you used an external library— to solve the problem 17. Here they are the total number of lines by each language.


Carlos H. did a great work compiling all the published solutions so you can check other participants’ approaches or just learn how they did  that challenge you couldn’t finish.