.Tuenti on the Apple Watch

Publicado el 17/6/2015 por Eduardo González, Mobile Apps Lead

The first time we heard about the Apple Watch and the possibility to develop apps with the WatchKit we thought: “we’ll be creating a .Tuenti App for the Watch here sooner or later”.

We are a team that loves challenges and being challenged, so we started to play and develop with the new WatchKit SDK, and then we understood the importance of how .Tuenti on the Apple Watch could be useful for our customers.

Juanma Jiménez, Alejandro Velasco, Wiljan Arias and I were very enthusiastic about the idea of creating a simple and useful app. We knew the Apple Watch users would interact with the device just for a few seconds, so any information on the screen should be always accessible in a quick and easy way. For a first version of .Tuenti, bringing all the mobile account information to the Apple Watch met our requirements, for example to solve a use case such as having updated information from VozDigital minutes, data, or the expiration day of your tariff. All this information would be available on your wrist.

Besides the .Tuenti Apple Watch App, we have created a Glance. A Glance is a supplementary way for the user to view relevant information from the app. We designed and implemented the Glance in a way customers could have a look at the account information quickly in just one screen.

The Apple Watch will be available in Spain and Mexico on June 26th, and we can say that .Tuenti would be already available for our customers.

For sure we will continue bringing more functionalities to the Apple Watch. Apple just announced a new watchOS 2 on the WWDC 2015 and we are currently investigating how we can integrate with Apple Watch more closely here at .Tuenti. For us, for you, this is just the beginning...

You can already download the app on the App Store.