Creating Apple Watch Apps: App, Glance and Notifications

Publicado el 05/3/2015 por Eduardo González, Mobile Apps Lead

Last Saturday we held another theEvnt workshop at Tuenti Offices. Víctor Corugedo, César Estébanez and Eduardo González (Tuenti iOS Team members) gave a complete workshop about WatchKit SDK and how to develop Apple Watch Apps.

Starting with a brief review about the Apple Watch and the internal device specifications, they continued presenting the Apple Watch development kit, the UI components already available to create apps and the internal framework architecture.

During the second part of the event, they configured a WatchKit project from scratch, dealing with common problems a developer will face once he decides to create a Watch app. Finally, they presented a toy project they were working on and explained how to create an Apple Watch App, a Glance and how to create custom interface notifications supported by the Watch.

If you could not attend for any reason, you can always check the slides and the project they used on the workshop.

We never stop and we are already preparing the next workshop. As usual, you can check all the updates in the workshops web, and follow theEvnt or the Tuenti Engineering accounts on Twitter.