200,000 #Tuentimóvilers!

Publicado el 13/5/2014 por Antonio Vigueras, CBO (Chief Business Officer)

Just over two years after launching Tuenti Móvil, the first social MVNO on the market and the first in the world to be promoted by a social Internet communication company, more than 200,000 customers have chosen our innovative service.

We have been developing a very different carrier through our radical focus on technology and innovation with an integrated social communication app, which sets us apart in the market. Tuenti Móvil is a simple, transparent, quality service that strives to be the carrier that best understands its customers. The individuals who form part of the Tuenti team were the first Tuenti Móvil users, and we want to provide an effective response to what we really need: the best communication service with the latest technology and the most competitive rates.

We would like to thank the 200,000 #Tuentimóvilers involved in our commitment to radically transforming communication through the development of innovative cloud services. We are the fastest growing MVNO, but what is more important are the qualitative changes we are implementing and that will continue to draw the market's attention to Tuenti as the most revolutionary alternative in the cell phone sector.

We aim to continue creating the best carrier on the market, the first truly 2.0 Telco, with an excellent service, the best coverage on the market, and particularly by offering integrated added value features such as Zerolímites or free voice calls using our app, like no one else can.

We will soon present major innovations that will allow us to continue developing Tuenti Móvil as the first fully digital and cloud Telco, the leader in innovation, differentiated by our commitment to technology and focused on offering customers the best experience. 200,000 THANKS!