Before registering as a user of "Tuenti's" mobile & web application owned by Telefonica Digital España, S.L.U. (TDE) and/or using our services, you must read and accept both our Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy.

1. Our philosophy

This guarantee of privacy is part of Tuenti’s DNA and is one of our hallmarks that we always apply in the design and development of all our products and services.

For us, personal information and data are the property of each Tuenti user. This means that, on the one hand, you are the only one with the right to control the collection, use and disclosure of any information about you and, on the other, that we will store and manage it responsibly and safely, based on the principles of confidentiality, privacy and integrity, and in compliance with current legislation.

2. Basic information

In order to start using Tuenti, you just need to register by providing a series of basic identification and contact details about yourself so we can identify you as the user, as well as verifying the cell phone number you wish to associate with your account. Nevertheless, if you prefer it, we can collect such details about you from your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account in order to simplify your registration and access process in Tuenti. You may, however, voluntarily provide TDE with more information to complete your account, such as your photograph. This information will be available and you may modify it directly through Tuenti.

To this end, we inform you that all the data and information you provide will become part of the files owned by TDE, a company with CIF B-83188953 and registered office in Gran Via, No. 28, CP 28013 - Madrid (Spain), in order to allow you access to and use of the various services and functionalities that we offer.

3. Minimum age and quality of data

In order to register with and use Tuenti you must be over 14 years of age or have the permission of your parents and/or guardians. Therefore, by registering on Tuenti, you guarantee that you are above that age or, on the other hand, that you have the aforementioned parental consent. TDE may contact you at any time and request the necessary documentation in order to verify that you meet this condition. In addition, we inform you that it is possible that the contracting of some of the services offered through Tuenti, is only allowed and available for those over 18 years.

In line with the above, your personal data, cell phone number and other information you provide us with in the registration and/or use of Tuenti's services must always be real, accurate and up to date. In addition, TDE provides users with the tools and options necessary to control and update their personal information. Therefore, by providing TDE with your personal details, you guarantee and take responsibility, before TDE and third parties, that your details are correct and belong to you.

At TDE, we reserve the right to verify this information at any time and, if necessary, to cancel your account on Tuenti.

4. Commercial purposes

By registering as a user of Tuenti's mobile and web application, you grant your express consent for TDE to process your personal data and information in order to send you communications and information about products, promotions, offers and/or services from TDE and/or the Operators we partner with (Tuenti España, Tuenti Perú, Tuenti Argentina, Tuenti Ecuador and Tuenti Guatemala), whether via Tuenti, email and/or messages to your cell phone number.

In particular, such information may be about products, services, competitions, offers and/or promotions from TDE and/or the aforementioned Operators, corresponding to the Internet, information technology and telecommunications sectors in general. You may oppose the receipt of these types of communications via email, SMS or the like from TDE simply by sending us an email to

5. Paid services

In order to contract the paid services available throgh Tuenti's mobile and web application, the Operators we partner with may request you certain additional information, where necessary. This information will become part of the files of the applicable Operator and will be treated confidentially in order to process and/or manage the aforementioned contracting, the provision of the contracted services and their billing, and may be transferred to other companies in the telecommunications sector where necessary for the proper development and/or provision of the service contracted by the user.

6. Cookies policy

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your device when accessing certain Web pages and/or applications. Cookies enable, among other things, information to be stored and retrieved about your number of visits, your browsing habits or those of your device and, depending on the information they contain and on the way you use your device, they can be used to recognize you as the user.

Bear in mind that, in order to use Tuenti, you must have cookies enabled, especially those of a technical nature which are necessary so that TDE can identify you as a registered user each time you access our website or application. TDE uses the following types of cookies, which are processed by us directly or by third party partners:
  • Technical cookies: Those used by TDE that allow users to browse and use the various options and services that are offered such as, for example, to control traffic and data communications, to identify the session, to access restricted access areas, to remember the elements that comprise an order, to execute the purchase process of an order, to process a registration application, to use security features while browsing or to store, distribute and/or share content.
  • Personalization cookies: Those used by TDE that allow users to access Tuenti with certain general, predefined characteristics according to a series of criteria on their devices, such as the language, the type of browser, the regional configuration they are accessing from, etc.
  • Analysis cookies: Those used by TDE and by our partners (GOOGLE ANALYTICS, MIXPANEL, HOTJAR, HOCKEYAPPS and HUBSPOT), that enables the number of users to be quantified in order to measure and perform a statistical analysis of users' activities and usage, as well as to prepare navigation profiles of users so improvements can be made to Tuenti.
  • Advertising cookies and behavioral advertising cookies: Those used by TDE and our partners that manage the spaces that has TDE advertising (APPSFLYER, PUBMATIC, ADSRVR, RUBICON PROJECT, SMAATO, CONNEXITY, TURN, SIMPLIFI, AFFILINET, BING ADS, BLUEKAI, DOUBLECLICK, YOUTUBE, CRITEO, MOVISTAR, GOOGLE, YAHOO, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ROCKET FUEL, MEDIAMATH, SMART, AFFINITY, OPENX, ADGRAVITY, SMARTCLIP, ADFORM, HUBSPOT, CRAZY EGG, PLATFORM161, and/or THE TRADE DESK) which enables appropriate and relevant advertising to be disseminated, the effectiveness of our online campaigns to be measured and the content of advertisements to be tailored to the navigation profile of each user on the Internet. 
Remember that you can allow, block or delete these cookies whenever you want to through the configuration options on your device or handset, as well as on your Internet browser. In order to do so, you may check the latest support information of the aforementioned devices or browsers to find out how to delete cookies, as this may vary between different versions and operating systems. By way of example:

- For Internet Explorer, click here
- For Mozilla Firefox, click here
- For Google Chrome, click here
- For Safari, click here

If you use another Internet browser, we recommend that you consult the different cookie management options that may be available in this browser at any time, and, in general, any other tools available on the market for blocking and/or managing cookies.

For more information, you can check our Privacy Policy or write to us at

7. Communication of data

When you register with Tuenti, you provide basic information about yourself that will be visible to other registered users so that they can identify and communicate with you. However, the data you provide us with will not be disclosed to other people or companies without your consent. In this regard, if you register with Tuenti by verifying a cell phone number from Spain, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru or Guatemala, you expressly authorize TDE to disclose your identification and contact details (full name, nickname, email address and cell phone number) to the Operator we work with in the respective country: currently, Tuenti Technologies, S.L.U. (Tuenti España); Telefonica Moviles Argentina, S.A. (Tuenti Argentina); Telefonica del Peru, S.A.A. (Tuenti Peru); Otecel, S.A. (Tuenti Ecuador); and Telefonica Moviles Guatemala, S.A. (Tuenti Guatemala). This authorization aims to: facilitate your customer registration process if you decide to contract the cell phone service of any of these Operators, send you communications and information regarding the products, promotions offers and/or services (according to the previous paragraph 4), as well as enabling you to enjoy certain Tuenti services and features in those countries.

Furthermore, if you have contracted the cell phone service of any of the Operators we work with, you agree that they can, if necessary, inform TDE of the personal details and/or minimum and indispensable information which, where appropriate, may be necessary for you to access the line's management and calls via the Internet functionality through Tuenti. In any case, TDE will always ensure that the information remains confidential and is securely processed as part of the disclosure to the Operators we work with.

8. ARCO Rights

You may exercise your rights to access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (ARCO), under the terms provided for in current legislation, before TDE at any time. This means that you may ask us what information we have about you, update that information, tell us that you do not want us to use it for a specific purpose, or simply ask us to remove that information from our files.

In order to do so, contact TDE preferably via or, if you prefer, by post to the address Gran Via Street nº 28, Postal Code 28013 - Madrid (Spain), indicating in any case the specific ARCO right you would like to exercise and providing a copy of your official identity document.

9. Security

TDE is concerned with guaranteeing the security, privacy and confidentiality of your personal data, communications and information. Therefore, as part of our commitment and in compliance with current legislation, we have adopted the most demanding and robust security measures and technical means to prevent their loss, misuse or access without your permission.

In this regard, we also make available to you a feature in Tuenti that will allow you to view and manage a record of the accesses or open sessions in your user account, as well as the devices used for it and the place from which it was accessed in every moment, all so that you can close those sessions and avoid unauthorized access. 

In addition, we are committed to acting quickly and responsibly in the event that the security of your data is at risk and to notify you if necessary.

10. Canceling your Tuenti account

Finally, we inform you that any user may cancel their account via Tuenti at any time, unless you are a user who has contracted the cell phone service from any of the Operators we partner with. In the event of cancellation, you will lose the information and data you may have on Tuenti as well as the right to use any benefits or services that may be active on the date of cancellation and/or that you may have previously contracted as a Tuenti user.

Likewise, we remind you that you may uninstall the Tuenti application from your mobile device or handset at any time using the various options that are provided.  If you request to cancel your Tuenti profile, and without prejudice to the data conservation requirements that may be established by current legislation, TDE undertakes to cancel all your personal information and data.

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