Tuenti’s Selection Process

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  • Solid Skills

    We’re looking for people with good theoretical knowledge that know how to apply it. All candidates receive a code test that must be resolved in 2 hours. We then evaluate the results to see if a valid solution was found that meets our quality standards. If the test is completed successfully, the candidate will have a phone interview and, if all goes well, a final round of interviews at our offices.

  • Algorithms and Data Structures

    We like solving problems and making the complex simple. We want our engineers to be capable of reasoning about the most appropriate algorithms and data structures in each case, understanding their advantages and limitations.

  • Object-oriented Programming

    Some basic concepts are necessary in our day-to-day work at Tuenti: encapsulation, assigning responsibilities, inheritance, hierarchies, and common design patterns. The code test should demonstrate that you understand and can apply these concepts within clean, easy-to-understand code and an extendable design.

  • Security

    Although you probably haven’t studied it much at school, it’s important that you understand the vulnerabilities that can affect a web application and the ways to combat them. Our engineers must keep these risks in mind and ensure that our code releases do not create vulnerabilities.

  • Databases

    Millions of pieces of data are introduced into Tuenti every day, which are then presented to our users in dynamic and personalized formats. It’s essential that our engineers know how to manage data efficiently both when storing and reading it. We’ll evaluate whether you are familiar with the concepts of database management, optimization, caché systems, NoSQL solutions, and distributed computing systems.

  • Teamwork

    At Tuenti, development is not a one-man job! Our engineering team is divided into several multidisciplinary teams, and it is extremely important to coordinate and communicate with each other to reach our common goals. In addition to the required technical skills and knowledge, we look for professionals that fit into our company culture: passionate about technology, organized, fun-loving, and with a desire to learn.

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