Tuenti Challenge

Glory awaits!

  • Enjoy programming

    Can you think of a better reason to compete? If you’re a programming fanatic, we’re sure you’ll have a blast trying to resolve the challenges we create for the contest.

  • Compare your skills with other programmers

    Our very own engineers create and correct questions based on algorithms, logic, cryptographies, etc. And throughout the contest, stats are posted with the current rankings of the participants...a little competition always makes things entertaining!

  • Learn from Tuenti’s top engineers

    If you’re one of the finalists, you’ll have the chance to come to our offices and attend a series of talks and presentations by Tuenti’s most senior engineers, soaking in a little bit of Tuenti engineering culture.

  • Get a job on our team

    And it gets even better...several of the best participants from our previous contests are currently members of our Engineering team. Don’t miss the next edition!

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