Integrating Tuenti into Your Website

You can leverage Tuenti's millions of users to increase traffic on your website! With Tuenti's integration features, you allow Tuenti users to share your content with all their friends.

Integration is easy. We provide all the instructions, code, and graphics so you can quickly integrate Tuenti into every page of your website.

Tuenti Share

With Tuenti Share, you can place a Tuenti button on every page of your website. Our users will then be able to share your site all over Tuenti with their friends and contacts. When they click on the button, users will be prompted to share your website in their status. This is a quick and easy way to build traffic on your website by taking advantage of the millions of social connections on Tuenti.


Implementing Tuenti Share

Tuenti's JavaScript Widget Library makes it easy to integrate share buttons into your site, and it only uses about 3KB. Select your configuration below to personalize your button, and then copy and paste the code into your website

  • The URL field can be used to share a URL that is not currently open. We recommend that you leave this field empty.
  • You can also specify a suggested text, which will be the default text in the sharing box. Remember, the text cannot be longer than 140 characters.

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