We host the MongoDB user group meetup at our office

Posted on 3/28/2014 by Eng. Outreach Committee

Keeping in the loop with the newest database technologies, we hosted a special event from MongoDB user group in Madrid in our headquarters. This time, we have with us Massimo Brignoli, a senior solution architect at MongoDB Inc. He came expressly from Italy to share his thoughts about how to design your application database in the best possible way, giving all the assistants tips and tricks to boost their databases performance and what’s new on the table with MongoDB 2.6.

As usual, we are willing to hosting other user groups meetings and talks. Contact us if you have something astonishing in mind to share with the community!

Meeting the Tech Team: Javier Mellado

Posted on 5/21/2013 by Eng Outreach Committee

Javier Mellado, born and raised in Malaga, moved to Madrid in 2006 and is the veteran member of the Software Engineering team at Tuenti. Since joining the company in September 2007, he’s worked on the technical side of user support. The Admin Tools team builds tools that help to manage Tuenti's content quality in terms of spam, underage users, prohibited content, etc.

If you want to get to know him a little better, don't miss the video we've made of him ;)

Challenge accepted

Posted on 4/29/2013 by Eng Outreach Committee

As we have been announcing in older posts, the third edition of our programming contest Tuenti Challenge (#TuentiChallenge3) starts today. The registration period will thereby be open until May 6th, we therefore encourage you to register now and participate. Don’t lose another second! If you are still unaware of what Tuenti Challenge is, here is a brief recap.

What is Tuenti Challenge?
Tuenti Challenge is a programming contest that has been going on for three year and consists in overcoming challenges such as computer security, cryptography or algorithms, brought up by our engineering team.

How does it work?
The contest is divided into two stages. In the first stage, the participants have to attempt to resolve as many challenges as they can. The first 50 will receive a Tuenti pack of prizes, and 10 of them will be selected to continue. In the second stage, the 10 finalists will get the opportunity to visit our offices in Madrid and learn their work ethic, participate in workshops with the company’s current engineers and may have the possibility of working for Tuenti.

Tuenti Challenge advice
In older posts, you may be curious to know and find what the winners of the past Tuenti Challenge editions have said, who are currently working for Tuenti, as well as employees of our tech team that give you advice through the videos they have posted. Do you have any questions for them? Follow us in the official Tuenti Page or on Twitter at #TuentiChallenge3

Meeting the Tech Team: Rosa Gutiérrez

Posted on 4/25/2013 by Eng Outreach Committee

Rosa studied at the University of Sevilla and finished her Degree in Computer Science in 2008. She worked in research and later went to London to do an MSc. She was there for two years and came to Madrid after participating in the first edition of the Tuenti Challenge. She was the first winner of our contest and has been a part of the Engineering Team at Tuenti ever since.

She's been part of the Backend Framework team for most of her time at Tuenti, but she has recently switched to the Tools team which provides tools and infrastructure to the rest of the Tuenti engineers to support highly efficient, quality coding.

If you want to get to know her a little better, don't miss the video we've made of her ;)

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