Tuenti Programming Contest: round one!

Posted on 6/28/2011 by Luis Peralta Tech Lead

On Monday last week at 13:37, our first programming contest came to an end. We sincerely hope that you enjoyed the contest during those seven days you've had to challenge yourself. On our side, it was more than one week to get this: preparing the contest judge, working to define the problems (and also handing them over to some mates to solve them first!), preparing the submission toolchain, monitoring the contest, ... Even if it was lots of hard work, we also had tons of fun.

During those days, an almost neverending stream of comments on our contest official page and mentions to our Tuenti Engineering Twitter account was being received. We tried to solve every issue raised and also gave some small tips. Some really nice write-ups are have been posted already and they are worth taking a look at (for example, Gaspar Fernández has collected a list of them, feel free to add yours in the comments). We will also be linking and/or publishing the outstanding write-ups after the winners are announced.

We have run some basic statistics on the top 75 contestants' code to see what language has been the most successfully used. Not surprisingly, some have used different languages depending on the problem. Still, the most used language has been Java, closely followed by C++ and Python. Take a look at the following chart:

Remember that the online challenge was just the first round of the Tuenti Programming Contest. We will be contacting every finalist today in order to invite them to our offices next Friday and assist to a one-day workshop about our internal architecture and processes (and some more... but that's still a secret). We will announce the winners just after that, so keep an eye here!


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