HackMeUp #11 - special edition

Posted on 11/01/2010 by Andrzej Tucholka Lead Code Architect

During the previous weekend, we've had another HackMeUp event in Tuenti. This time it was special due to reaching the first round edition - 11th. The main difference was the length of the HMU which started on Friday morning and finished late Sunday. This gave us the opportunity to do a bit bigger projects but also to play some games while hacking.

A winner project (Tuentopoly) implemented by Mauricio Morales and Andreas Duchen amazed us all. It is a working proof of concept of a Monopoly type of a game based on Tuenti Places and general Tuenti Local features. Congratulations to the winners and may the iPads serve you well!

Since this was a special edition and there were so many of incredible ideas being implemented we have decided to give recognition to the 2nd project which was @nnotations implemented by David Iglesias and Nicolas Beliard. @nnotations allow using the @ sign for starting quick searches and automatic linking of user profiles, places, photos and other to any text field you might find in Tuenti. Congratulations!

Other projects we've worked on during the weekend included (in random order):

  • Windows Phone 7 App - bringing Tuenti to Windows Phone 7
  • Improvements to script monitoring - helping us monitor the backend scripts execution
  • c2es - es2c - a translator from Spanish to Cani (new-wave l33t?)
  • Sausage party - an additional layer on Tuenti Local maps showing gender, age and other statistical information grouped by locations where people check in
  • Napalm - a BitTorrent based source code deployment system
  • collectM - redefining storage of data collections in memcache
  • Tuenti U - introducing university/school collaboration to Tuenti
  • Page suggestions - suggesting pages a user might be interested in joining
  • Video suggestions - suggesting videos a user might be interested in watching
  • Checkin history - allowing users to track information about their checkins
  • Views analysis - a tool analysing our source code and displaying a graph of view-controller relations
  • Tuenti Unhosted - encrypting user data prior reaching Tuenti servers.

And here are some pictures from the event.

Till next time!

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