Ikusth: Android threads dependency graph generator

Posted on 3/30/2016 by Iván Mosquera Paulo, Lead Software Engineer

ChkBugReport is a command line tool which parses and converts android traces files into more human-readable html reports. Once you get your traces.txt file, instead of trying to check the dependency among threads manually you can use the ChkBugReport tool against it which would generate a report like this:

In this example you see that the tool has detected a deadlock. It doesn’t mean you have a deadlock every time you get an ANR; it may be just be a busy Thread, in which case the system will let you know this.

We sent 2 pull requests to the ChkBugReport project. The first one made the deadlock report richer and the second one implemented a graph model we needed in order to create an external plugin that would generate an image with the thread dependencies: Ikusth.

Using ChkBugReport with Ikusth is easy. You will see a graph like this and, if you’ve ever had to draw something like this yourself, you’ll understand how cool it is :)

More info and support in the project’s github.

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