Devops is dead. Long live Devops

Posted on 1/23/2015 by Óscar San José, Principal SRE Engineer

Once again, Tuenti had the priviledge of hosting a meetup event in its offices! This time the guest star was Antonio Peña who came with a talk for the Madrid Devops group, called "DevOps 101". Antonio is a passionate advocate of the Devops culture, and this talk was intended as an introduction to the field.

He described the theoretical principles and practical advantages of the approach for those not knowing them. He continued stirring the controversy about the identity crisis and the "death of Devops", and gave us his particular point of view about this. He also talked us about some interesting thoughts by the most prominent international figures of the Devops scene, including famous names such as Seth Vargo and Katherine Daniels (you are already late if you are not following them on twitter yet: @SethVargo and @beerops), and how their ideas have not always been accepted easily by the community (including, in the case of Seth, death threats for his disruptive ideals!*).

He finished giving an overview regarding the Devops movement in Spain, and how any one of us developers can be a kickstarter of the devops culture here in our own jobs.

Next there was an interesting Q&A session, were participants were abel to express their doubts and hopes, and where some people, including Tuenti developers such as Pedro Gómez and myself were able to share their own experiences working on a Devops-loving environment.

Finally, the most important part of any meetup event: beers! Where a lot of interesting ideas were shared and discussed around an informal, yet thrilling, atmosphere. As you know, participation is the key, and highly encouraged!

As you already know, we are open to hosting other user groups meetings and talks so, if you’re interested in organising a tech or design-related event, get in touch! ;)

*As Antonio points out, Seth Vargo did not receive life threats for his opinions about devops, but rather fow his work as developer:

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