We are Tuenti

A great team

We are a leading technology company that believes in talent, innovation and products that offer our clients added value. And this is our team.

Our Offices

Make yourself at home

  • Our office

    Our office is located in the heart of Madrid's Gran Vía, where nearly 200 Tuenti employees work.

  • Tuenti International

    Tuenti has also expanded its borders with a global mobile carrier model and its Latin American launch to reach new markets such as Mexico, Peru and Argentina.

Tuenti Lifestyle

  • We are proud to be part of Tuenti for lots of reasons, one of which is a work philosophy aimed at encouraging creativity throughout our team. Our ideas are listened to and often become reality. We hold periodic sessions called “Hack Me Up” where all the developers spend time working on their own ideas. Several of the ideas from these sessions have been incorporated into our products, including Tuenti’s group chat and Twitter synchronization.

  • At Tuenti, we don’t believe in offices. All 250 of us work together in a horizontal structure with clearly defined jobs, facilitating communication among team members as well as departments.

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