.Tuenti, the first operator you can try before signing up

Posted on 6/23/2015 by Luisja Álvarez, Product Manager

As we announced a few days ago, we’re continuing to make progress in our development as a digital Telco with pioneering innovation. Customers of other mobile operators can now try our cloud-based telephony services before signing up, without having to change operator.

After rolling out the service in a beta phase to 50,000 customers on June 9, it’s now available to everyone who wants to try it, just by downloading our app. From that point, you’ll keep your number and can use it from any device: another phone, a tablet or a computer. This is #PhoneSharing, enabling you to make domestic and international calls, even if you’ve lost your mobile with your SIM or you’ve run out of battery. You can also make calls via the .Tuenti app when you have no coverage by using a WiFi connection. To enable you to try out the benefits that .Tuenti offers, we’re giving you 50 minutes of free VozDigital calls. Once you’ve used them, you can buy additional minute bundles, once again without changing operator, or buy a .Tuenti SIM in order to enjoy the whole experience and the best data plans with Movistar 4G coverage.

.Tuenti is the mobileless mobile. We’re creating SIM-free communications. A customer’s number is no longer a SIM, it’s an app. We’ve built-in all our customer’s communications around the experience of using our app (VoIP and VozDigital calls, chat, SMS, account management and troubleshooting), and we were the first to offer our customers free use of the app without using up credit or data. Now anyone can try it just by downloading our app. As of today, .Tuenti, is the first operator that you can try before signing up. #PhoneSharing is now available to everyone.

Award winners for best mobile customer service

Posted on 6/19/2015 by Daniel Sánchez del Rey, Customers & Community Manager

We’re celebrating! That’s because last night, in Madrid, .Tuenti’s Customer Service team came away from the VI edition of the Platinum ContactCenter Awards as an award winner. The jury considered that our team was deserving of this award for providing the best care to mobile customers in the category of ContactCenter Quality Awards for Best Advanced Service for Mobile Customers. The Platinum ContactCenter Awards have established themselves as a quality brand that rewards the best customer service in the Spanish customer service industry.

We received this award from the Platimum ContactCenter Awards for the second successive year, reflecting our constant effort and dedication to improve and offer a flexible and high-quality online service. Our customers are able to contact us via email, over webchat and using the .Tuenti app, as well as on our official forums and our social media profiles on Twitter and Facebook.

This award represents a significant recognition of our work and we are very proud to receive it. So, once again this year, thank you very much to everyone who made this possible.

Keep smiling, even without your mobile

Posted on 6/18/2015 by Kiko Gámez, Global Brand & Product Marketing Director

We’ve released a new video! Today we’re presenting a new video whose leitmotif revolves around the concept of phone sharing. Because with .Tuenti it doesn’t matter if you don’t have your phone, you’ve lost it or it’s at the bottom of the pool. Our customers can use any mobile as if it were their own.

This campaign is focused on the possibility of having your number available on any mobile, tablet or computer as well as the option to try .Tuenti without having to change your carrier, a concept that we rolled out to 50,000 users last week in a beta phase and which will be available to everyone from June 23. Because we love breaking down barriers in the telco sector.

That means, from now on, nobody needs to go without calling. It’s time for phone sharing!

This summer, half-price data Bonoplus

Posted on 6/16/2015 by Gema Perona, Head of Loyalty

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. In addition to the availability of 4G and the option to try .Tuenti before signing up, this summer our customers will enjoy half-price data Bonoplus.

So, when our customers use up all the data in their Bundle, they just need to use the .Tuenti app to buy a Bonoplus from the Account section, and voilà. From today until September 25, data Bonoplus’ will be priced as follows: 300MB for 1.5€, 500MB for 2.5€ and 1GB for 4€.

Because data’s there to be used, especially in the summer! Find out all the info on the promo here.

We are .Tuenti, the mobile company that challenges everything

Posted on 6/09/2015 by Sebas Muriel, CEO

Today sees us take a significant step forward in our development as a digital Telco: we’ve just announced that we’re enabling users from other operators to trial our cloud-based value-added telephony services, even before signing up for them. This represents an unprecedented concept that enables users to try our services without having to change companies, opening up an “in-app” customer acquisition channel never before seen in the sector. As is the case with other freemium models for digital products, this will make it possible to try all the advantages of .Tuenti without needing to be a customer. By simply installing our app and registering their mobile number, users can enjoy a 50 minute VozDigital trial, whichever operator they are with. In fact, as of today, 50,000 .Tuenti users already have this feature available and it will be openly available to all users in the coming weeks.

.Tuenti isn’t just an operator; it’s a pioneering digital Telco and we’re demonstrating this again today. Our current positioning as a mobile company is far removed from people’s potential perceptions. It has undergone a dramatic evolution, breaking away from its past as a social network in order to mature into a mobile company which challenges the status quo in the mobile and APP/OTT sectors in order to bring you the future of telecommunications today.

This goes to explain why today saw the presentation of our new visual identity, .Tuenti, a new image in line with our reality and current positioning as a mobile company. We’ve opted for black and white, and our classic blue symbol logo has evolved into a more sophisticated, text-centred, black and white logo, with no additional symbol.

.Tuenti is, by nature, a groundbreaking and disruptive company. We want to change things and that’s why we’ve chosen the claim: “.Tuenti, the mobile company that challenges everything” as our hallmark. The time has come for a new. Tuenti which is bidding to be a "smart choice" in the mobile telephony sector, a truly smart choice in order to make the most of the value-added services incorporated in our app.

As if that wasn’t enough, today also saw the introduction of a simpler approach to tariffs: 1GB and 50 VozDigital minutes for 7€, 1GB and unlimited VozDigital minutes for 12€ and 2GB and unlimited VozDigital minutes for 18€, all on 4G with Movistar coverage, both on prepaid and postpaid, and without being locked into a long-term contract. What’s more, thanks to VozDigital, .Tuenti’s tariffs include loads more minutes for the same price and they all include, in addition to cloud-based telephony services, international calls to 24 countries, free calls from abroad over WiFi and 200 SMS from the app, which don’t use up data or credit.

.Tuenti represents a turning point for the sector so we invite you to challenge your preconceptions and see .Tuenti in a new light.


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