Call home and say what really matters

Posted on 8/07/2015 by Laura Castilla, Marketing Manager .Tuenti

Thanks to our integrated app, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to call home. Today we’re rolling out two new pages to publicize these benefits to two of Spain’s most important groups of foreign residents: Brits and Romanians.

With .Tuenti you can call Romania or the United Kingdom for the same price as making a call in Spain. Our tariffs include at least 50 minutes which can be used to call any British or Romanian landline or mobile number via our app, without having to pay international roaming charges or any other additional cost.

And that's not all, because with .Tuenti you can now use the VozDigital minutes that are included in all our tariffs to call a total of 36 countries without paying more and without any call set-up fee.

What’s more, don’t forget that you can use the same number to call Spain from abroad by connecting with our free app to a Wi-Fi network. Now there are no excuses for not calling home.

Young Spaniards know what wearables are but don’t use them

Posted on 7/29/2015 by Communications Team

The results of the latest study we have conducted in collaboration with IPSOS reveal that nearly 62% of young people know what wearables are but only 29.5% of those who know what they are (equivalent to 18.2% of all respondents) claim to have one.

Among the things these devices are used for, monitoring health information and sports account for 86.4%. All the study results can be found at this link.

Friends and summer: the perfect combination

Posted on 7/21/2015 by Marga Batle, Online Marketing

We’ve got good news. We’re relaunching the .Tuenti promotion that double rewards friendship so you can enjoy it this summer like never before.

Until August 31., for each person you invite to activate their .Tuenti SIM, both of you will receive a €10 gift on your lines if you have a prepaid line or a €10 discount on your next bill if you have a contract with us.

Now’s the time to make the most of friendship with .Tuenti. All information regarding the promotion can be viewed here.

We’ve increased the number of international destinations you can call using VozDigital

Posted on 7/09/2015 by Juanfran Lablanca, Product Manager

Since last April our customers have been able use their VozDigital minutes to call landlines and mobiles in 24 international destinations without having to pay more. Today, we’re adding 12 more countries to that list, because we keep breaking down barriers in the telco sector and what better way than by breaking down geographical barriers.

Starting today, the following destinations will be added to the 24 international destinations announced in April: calls to landlines in Morocco, Brazil, Hungary, New Zealand, Slovakia and Estonia; calls to mobiles in Israel, and calls to landlines and mobiles in Romania, China, Poland, India, Bulgaria and Lithuania.

As always, our customers can call via the .Tuenti app (on Android or iOS) or via the web (using Chrome, Opera or Firefox browsers) without the person receiving the call needing to have the .Tuenti app installed on their mobile or needing to be a .Tuenti customer. All this without any increase in the monthly tariff.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, anyone who is registered with .Tuenti can call their friends or family around the world thanks to the 50 VozDigital minutes we’re giving away so you can try the .Tuenti experience. Without needing to change operator.

Invite and Earn, also available when using .Tuenti without changing operator

Posted on 6/30/2015 by Darío Alonso, Product Manager

.Tuenti’s Invite and Earn program has new features, meaning that our customers (whether they’re already our customers or are just trying us out) can now invite their contacts to enjoy .Tuenti’s “Mobileless Mobile” and can also earn credit for doing so.

This means, as has been the case up to this point, that for each contact who activates their .Tuenti SIM, the customer and their friend will each earn 5€ in credit or a as a discount off their next bill. And now, in addition, for each friend who downloads the .Tuenti app and starts using their 50 free VozDigital minutes, the referrer -.Tuenti customer or not- will earn 20 cents credit or discount; and for each friend who becomes a .Tuenti customer and renews their tariff, the referrer will earn 50 cents credit or discount.

Sound complicated? This functional diagram explains it all very simply:

See all the information on Invite and Earn here.


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