Data Stop now available for postpaid customers

Posted on 10/07/2015 by Anna Réti, Associate Product Manager

From today, all our postpaid customers can stop their data connection in Spain via the .Tuenti app once their data Bundle has run out, thanks to the Data Stop option. This means they won’t miss out on a single detail regarding their mobile line and can manage their data usage at all times, avoiding additional charges for Internet connections outside their Bundle.

With this optional functionality enabled, our customers will be unable to browse the Internet from their mobile handset but may continue using .Tuenti to call, share moments or manage their phone line because, as always, using our app doesn’t eat into your data or credit.

This functionality can be enabled and disabled at any time in the Services section via the .Tuenti app on smartphone or tablet or via the website on computer. If Data Stop is disabled, Internet connections are charged at 3.63 cents/MB and the Internet connection speed will remain unchanged. You can find out all the info on Data Stop here.

We’re collaborating with the Red Cross to help refugees

Posted on 10/02/2015 by Communications team

Today the Red Cross is celebrating its “day of the flag” in the name of refugees and .Tuenti is collaborating with this initiative, so we’ve set up a page,, encouraging people to make a donation to the emergency appeal to raise money and help those affected by the refugee crisis in Europe. The money donated will be used to distribute food, hygiene packages and other basic supplies. This is the start of a collaborative relationship between .Tuenti and the Red Cross that we would like to continue to develop because we are always thinking about the future and we want that future to be better for everyone.

Introducing new functionalities in the .Tuenti calls service

Posted on 10/01/2015 by Juanfran Lablanca, Product Manager

Once again, we’re breaking new ground in the sector by offering value-added services at no additional cost to our customers. Today we’re rolling out updates to our cloud-based mobile communications service. From now on, our customers can take full advantage of having their .Tuenti number in the cloud, even when they are overseas or in Spain but without GSM coverage; plus they don’t need to have their physical SIM with them. They just need to have any device with an Internet connection handy. Sounds complicated? It’s not:

  • Emanuela lives in Spain and travels regularly to her home in Italy. It’s quite tedious for her to have to take two different handsets with her, with two local SIM cards –one Spanish and one Italian-, and she prefers not to take calls from Spain when she’s in Italy and vice versa in order to avoid the costs that this entails. That’s why Emanuela enables the option on her .Tuenti app to only receive calls via VozDigital and thus avoids any roaming charges.
  • Pedro does the same when he visits his grandparents in the village. The GSM coverage there is poor, which means that incoming calls tend to break up and the conversation doesn’t flow. With .Tuenti, he can make and receive calls with his phone number via the Wi-Fi at his grandparents’ house, the village canteen or the bar on the square.
  • Pablo has just started working for a new company who have given him a work mobile, but he also wants to keep his personal phone number. To avoid having to buy a dual-SIM phone, Pablo accesses his personal line from the .Tuenti app installed on his work phone, so that he doesn’t miss any calls, whether personal or professional.

We are gradually rolling out this new functionality to all our Android customers as well as to all those users who take advantage of .Tuenti’s cloud-based benefits without having to be a customer of ours and without the need of having a physical SIM card. This service is also available on the desktop version of .Tuenti, and soon will be available for customers using iOS devices.

Are you on Erasmus in Spain? Go ahead and call home; it’s easy!

Posted on 9/15/2015 by Laura Castilla, Marketing Manager .Tuenti

We want international students to call home and tell their friends and family how good it is over here. That’s why today we’re presenting a page to make these students aware of the benefits of .Tuenti.

Because our customers can make calls to 36 international destinations, including landline and mobile numbers, at no additional cost by using VozDigital calls, which are included in any of our monthly tariffs. What’s more, anyone can try out the .Tuenti experience before signing up for a .Tuenti mobile number, without changing operator. We couldn’t make it any easier!

For all these reasons and because our corners, lifestyle and fantastic food (typical Spanish) should be shared, we urge Erasmus students to tell their friends and family without spending more. Because we know that as a student you have to avoid unnecessary expenses. That’s why .Tuenti is the perfect mobile company for international students in Spain. As well as for those who aren’t.

Young Spaniards: ‘Is it better not to call when you are abroad?’

Posted on 9/11/2015 by Communication Team

Summer is ending and we’re wondering how young Spaniards have been using their cell phones: calling more or less than other years, connecting to the internet when abroad or not, disconnecting during the holidays… These are the results we’ve obtained:

Half of those surveyed confirm that they never disconnect their cell phone during their holiday (53%), compared with 3% who do and 44% who disconnect it “for short whiles.”

Of the 17.7% of people surveyed who went abroad, more than half (64.5%, representing 11.5% of the total number) indicated that they avoid making calls outside of Spain as they are very expensive, while only 23.7% (4% of the total number surveyed) said that they made more calls than in other years. The rest made calls, but less than previous years.

The 35.5% of surveyed individuals who said they did make calls while on holiday abroad highlighted that the majority of calls were Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls. A total of 59.4% of those calls were made using the internet, meaning that the use of new technology in this field is a reality today, given that the number of VoIP calls surpasses that of traditional calls.

If you would like to read the whole report, click here.


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