.In 2016 we will continue to improve our product and innovate with the latest technology in communications

Posted on 2/01/2016 by Sebas Muriel, CEO

After celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary, the team at .Tuenti would like to take stock of our path and present new strategic features in 2016, as well as the redesign of our application. For some time now we have been focused on growing our mobile operator client base (in Latin America as well as Spain) with the aim of achieving a million clients in the next few years. We will continue working towards this goal this year.

We’ve always been different to other companies on the market and this is evident in the product we develop: a product that we have continued to improve and repeat for years, based on user and client feedback, in depth analysis of usage statistics, strengthening the functions that enjoy better acceptance, and simplifying the user experience by removing the functions that are not as popular.

Since the company was founded in 2006, we have maintained our innovative spirit, evolving our business model from a social network to a distinguished mobile operator at the forefront of digital communication technology. Technology, innovation, doing things differently and challenging the sector’s status quo is in our DNA. We live in exciting times with many players – telecommunications companies and other internet and OTT companies – who develop interesting concepts. We are committed to changing things and to enriching the communication of people through a natural experience with robust and reliable technology.

In fact, on a business level, the company is in a better position than ever. In barely four years, company income has increased more than 230%. In 2011, the majority of income came from publicity on the social network in Spain (€10 million), but by 2013, more than 75% of income was the fruit of mobile telephone operations in Spain. While all income currently stems from mobile operations activity, the company has also come to enjoy an exclusive presence in Spain and been able to globalize its model via presence in five other countries, resulting in income from all markets reaching over €35 million. The company boasts more than 600,000 clients in Spain, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Mexico. We have managed to adapt a business model purely based on advertising to a subscription telecommunications model with a global client base, which has enabled us to oversee much more sustainable growth.

Innovating at the core of communications continues to be our main priority as we can see our application – particularly VozDigital – generates a much richer client experience, which in turn increases your satisfaction. That’s why our clients recommend our service more than others. Our cloudphone proposal, which is based on a common technology platform that will be progressively introduced based on the local needs of each market, is fully developed in our office on Madrid’s Gran Vía, while our team improve your experience every day by focusing on usage data and statistics and direct user and client feedback.

As such, we will shortly be launching a new version of the .Tuenti application on iOS and Android. It will present a redesign of navigation, favoring greater usability and focusing more on communication among clients and those who wish to try the service without changing their mobile company (anyone can enjoy a 50-minute trial of our telephone service on the cloud). With this new version of the application, we will be able to give back to old users of the social network what has always been theirs, facilitating the downloading of all of their photos. This doesn’t mean that users can’t continue to share photos, conversations, etc. as the application and tuenti.com will always be available, therefore favoring communication between all users using the chat feature, VozDigital, and all the new functions we’ll be making available in the future. This is our goal and we continue to stand by it: we will continue to work to improve the .Tuenti experience for each and every user.

.Double the data and minutes

Posted on 1/21/2016 by Laura Castilla, Marketing Manager

Over Christmas, we offered our new customers double the data and VozDigital minutes. The feedback was so positive that we wanted to try it again which is why, as of today, we’re once again offering double: 2GB of data, 100 VozDigital minutes and 200 SMS for 6 months for just €7, exclusively for customers who port their number to .Tuenti.

We want everyone to try the .Tuenti experience and, as if 50 free VozDigital minutes without needing to switch carrier wasn’t enough, we’re offering all our new customers double.

As before, this promo is available in physical stores and via our website for new prepaid and postpaid customers until February 29 and, as always, you won’t be locked into a long term contract.

.Merry Christmas from all the team at .Tuenti

Posted on 12/18/2015 by .Tuenti Team

In 2015, we broke with tradition. We became the only operator on the market to let you try before you buy and we’ve broken down barriers – both physical and geographical – to facilitate communication for all of our clients wherever they are and using any device.

Ready for what 2016 will bring?

Merry Christmas and here’s to 2016!

.Our clients can save calls and listen to them again later

Posted on 12/17/2015 by Vanessa Hoya, Product Manager

Our goal when we decided to set to work on this functionality was to ensure that you don’t forget important calls. Starting today, our customers in Spain can save their important calls and listen to them again later, something no other operator currently offers.

This option can be manually enabled by customers who make or receive VozDigital calls via the app at any time during the call. Customers can also save all VozDigital calls they receive even when they don’t have GSM coverage (via a WiFi connection) or while they’re abroad. Simply press the save conversation button on the call screen and it will be saved. And, to play it back, you just need to press ‘Play’ in the chat conversation history.

This video explains things better:

This functionality is now available in the .Tuenti app for Android devices (available now for a percentage of customers and gradually for everyone). It will also be updated in the iOS version over the coming days.

1GB of data as a Christmas gift

Posted on 12/03/2015 by Jose Novo, Customer Loyalty

We know that our customers need to be more connected than ever at this time of year. That’s why we’ve decided to get a jump on Christmas and give all our postpaid customers a gift of 500MB in December and a further 500MB in January so you don’t miss out on any Christmas greetings.

What do you have to do? Nothing. When you access your account you’ll see the first additional 500MB for December and the same will happen in January. And presto!


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