We’re Including Voice over IP Calls and Tuenti Móvil Management in our Android App

Posted on 6/21/2013 by Paul Iliffe & Pedro Mejuto, Product Managers

Our app keeps getting better, and now we’ve integrated the Voice Calls (VoIP) functionality as well as mobile account management for our Tuenti Móvil clients in the latest versions of the Tuenti app for Android.

Now, users that have version 2.6 or higher of the new Tuenti app for Android can make voice calls over IP to their friends and contacts without spending a cent of their phone credit through a secure Internet connection (standard 3G or Wi-Fi). Additionally, users that are Tuenti Móvil clients will be able to make calls with Zerolímites, even if they don’t have any phone credit or data, totally free and with no limits!  

We’ve also integrated a feature for Tuenti Móvil customers that will allow them to manage their mobile account directly from within the Tuenti app.  They’ll be able to view their call history, top up, see their data usage, etc. conveniently from within the Android app. This functionality is available from tu.tuenti.com through their native web browser and is free for all Tuenti and Tuenti Móvil users, no matter what type of smartphone they have. The account management functionality will eventually be available for the rest of the apps.

We’ll have more news for you soon as we continue to create added-value services for our users.

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