Tuenti starts talking ;P

Posted on 2/15/2012 by Zaryn Dentzel, Founder and CEO

Today marks another important step for Tuenti with the presentation of what we believe to be the social network of the future. That future includes mobile service providers that focus on Internet traffic, moving toward a comprehensive communications platform that offers our users total connectivity.

We envision a future where users are always connected through intense and sophisticated use of social communication technologies. Always more mobile. Always closer to total connectivity. Always using more audiovisual content, with more photos and videos. In the face of this new reality, Tuenti presents the evolution of the social network in which the mobile service provider functions as one more service offered by Tuenti to facilitate communication among users.

Tuenti’s proposal is unique in this market. We are the first social network to offer services as a communications provider and are developing a new category of product-service. We’re taking a step forward in what we believe to be the future, evolving from a social network into a comprehensive social communications platform and offering the easiest and most reliable option for communicating with the people that matter most.

We’ve been developing our mobile communications service in beta throughout 2011, working to facilitate communication for users with state of the art mobile devices (our online store only offers smartphones) and unbeatable call and Internet rates. It is a service centered on the audience of the future, with increasingly intensified use of communication and content services.

Tuenti is interpreting the new reality of our clearest target: youth. This new reality is extremely social and clearly centered on the Internet, demonstrated by a 330% increase in access to Tuenti’s mobile applications during 2011, reaching 3.5 million unique weekly users; Tuenti’s Android application alone rose 634%. In line with these numbers, our presentation today also includes a new rates model based on the relevance that mobile Internet will have in the future. Tuenti is jumping ahead of the market with an opening offer of 1GB for €6/month and 3GB for €15/month. Likewise, all calls to all service providers will cost just €0.03/minute. We’re offering simple rates with no contract requirements, responding to the needs of the youth and allowing users to stay connected with access to more content with a flat Internet rate: more photos, more videos, and more games.

The launch of our mobile solution is accompanied by Tuenti’s first ad campaign. The campaign is focused on the qualities of the service and the social integration in Tuenti, which transforms us into the first spoken social network. We’re centered on our core target, which marks the trends of the future. The campaign includes captivating creative content with online and outdoor activities, and uses messages such as “Tuenti, now with a tongue” and “Tuenti’s talking”. We’ve even included a play on our own trademark with the ;P emoticon.

Get your tongue moving and start talking Tuenti! ;P

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