Tuenti Móvil customers can now make international calls using VOZDIGITAL without any additional charges

Posted on 4/22/2015 by Juanfran Lablanca, Product Manager

Here at Tuenti, every day is spent working to improve and set new standards in the telco market. That’s why, today, we are presenting VOZDIGITAL international calls to 24 landline destinations and 10 mobile destinations. Among the destinations included in this first phase of international calls are the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Andorra and the Netherlands, among others.

Our customers can now make calls via the app or the Tuenti website to their friends and relatives living abroad, to both landline and mobile numbers, without them needing to have installed the app and without paying a fortune on international tariffs. These calls are included in any of the contracted rates and can be made via iOS and Android devices which support VOZDIGITAL, as well as from any computer through the Tuenti website (using the Chrome, Opera and Firefox browsers).

As well as the possibility of calling from the Tuenti app to any number through GSM without worrying about the price, all tariffs include now SMS so that our customers can communicate from the app with all their contacts who don’t have the Tuenti app installed, with no extra charge. That’s why we offer 200 free SMS to our customers so they can send them to their contacts via the app.

To finish with, now with the Tuenti app (for iOS and Android) our customers can configure their voicemail depending on what they are doing. Very fast and accessible from the app. Because this version includes the “mode” feature, which allows us to show the mode in which we are to our contacts so that they know if we are available, working, traveling or daydreaming. There are some predefined modes, but you have also the option to customize it writing the message you choose, and you will be able to record a different voicemail greeting for each mode as well.

This September, VOZDIGITAL maintains its discounted price

Posted on 9/03/2014 by Luis Sancho, Marketing at Tuenti Móvil

Good news! This past August we launched a special discount promotion for the launch price of our monthly VOZDIGITAL plans. Due to strong demand from our customers, we have decided to extend the promotion until the end of September.

VOZDIGITAL plans currently account for 30% of the plans that Tuenti Móvil sells, and we want existing as well as new customers to continue benefiting from data and call minutes at discounted prices as long as they maintain a VOZDIGITAL plan:

  • After applying the promotional discount, the 1GB plan with 200 minutes of VOZDIGITALcalls costs only €10/month (VAT included).
  • The 2GB plan with unlimited VOZDIGITAL calls has a discounted price of €18/month (VAT included).

All the information regarding the promo is available here.

We have lowered the price of VOZDIGITAL during the month of August

Posted on 8/05/2014 by Luis Sancho, Marketing at Tuenti Móvil

We recently launched VOZDIGITAL, our service that uses the Tuenti app to make calls to any landline or cell phone number, via 3G or WiFi, without requiring the person who receives the call to have the Tuenti app installed.

Prepaid and postpaid customers can make calls using VOZDIGITAL without consuming data or credit as well as without a call establishment fee, and the minutes in question do not affect data bundles.

As of today and during the month of August, we have a special promotion with a major discount to the launch price of the two VOZDIGITAL monthly plans. This reduced price will always apply as long as the customer remains with a VOZDIGITAL plan.

● After applying the promotional discount, the €13 plan, which includes 1GB and 200 minutes of VOZDIGITAL calls, costs only €10/month (VAT included).

The €25 plan, which includes 2GB and unlimited VOZDIGITAL calls, costs only €18/month (VAT included).

This promotion is for new customers as well as for existing Tuenti Móvil customers. Between now and August 31, any new customer who purchases a SIM (online or at a point of sale) with a VOZDIGITAL plan will benefit from the lower prices. This promotion is also available to existing Tuenti Móvil customers who already have a VOZDIGITAL plan or switch to one, renew it or purchase a new one.

Click here for additional information.

Bonoplus for VOZDIGITAL has arrived

Posted on 7/29/2014 by Susana Guio and Pedro Mejuto, Product Managers

We are continuing to work on the development of our VOZDIGITAL proposal for Tuenti Móvil customers, so after giving away 30 minutes of this new service to all our prepaid and postpaid customers, today we are presenting Bonoplus for VOZDIGITAL.

It works just like the 300MB and 500MB data Bonoplus, but this bundle is used to expand the VOZDIGITAL services of prepaid customers by 50, 100 and 200 minutes. To use this service, Tuenti Móvil customers must purchase any of our VOZDIGITAL tariffs and fall within the prepaid category.

We are preparing additional new features that will be presented in the near future so we may continue developing our service by focusing on innovation and technology as differentiating elements. ;)

Updated app for Android and iOS

Posted on 7/28/2014 by Luis Javier Álvarez, Product Manager

Today we are launching version 5.1 of our app for Android and iOS. It includes new features such as direct access to the dialer for our mvno clients, improved app to app calls, and a faster chat connection.

As of now, the dialer for making VOZDIGITAL calls may be accessed by our clients directly through the universal button, making it easier to call any number instantly. The chat connectivity improvements include the new session launch that makes chatting easier, and the iOS improvements include the option of searching for contacts through the list of conversations. It is now possible to exit a group chat or mute your notifications faster, all with a single touch.

“App to app” voice calls are even better in the new versions of our application, and other fixes and improvements have been made to the Tuenti Móvil customer account management area, instant messaging and voice messaging.

Update to the latest version of our app to enjoy these new features: app.tuenti.com! ;)



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