New features for Tuenti to Tuenti calls

Posted on 3/17/2017 by Dario Alonso, Product Manager

You were crying out for it - with the battle, troll and bird filter! - and we got the message. Today, we are launching a range of significant improvements for Tuenti to Tuenti calls via the app which we have briefly summarized below:

  • We have added the option to save the calls, as is already the case with VozDigital calls that are made via the app. These calls will also be saved in the information activity of the contact you are calling and can be marked as favorites, renamed or deleted.
  • Voice filters are also coming to unlimited Tuenti to Tuenti calls via the app. Why?… Why not?
  • Finally, we have significantly improved the technical quality of the calls, which are more stable and don't get cut off.

We've kept it brief, right? ;) These new features are now available in the latest version of the app. Update it now!

We’re bringing voice filters to VozDigital calls

Posted on 9/20/2016 by Darío Alonso, Product Manager

Yes, you read it right. From today, our customers can make calls with their VozDigital minutes using gnome and troll voice filters. With this new functionality, both voices on the call are filtered, so that both the caller and the receiver will have... a different tone ;)

The filters are now available to all our customers in Argentina, Ecuador, Peru and Spain in the Tuenti app for Android, and we are working to include more filters in future versions of the app. Why make normal calls when you can call using a troll’s voice?

Even More Integration with Tuenti Móvil, and New Features in our iPhone and Android Apps

Posted on 2/19/2014 by Bernardo Reynolds, Product Manager

We’re continuing to develop our app in order to easily and conveniently integrate the Telco services we offer into our mobile operator and the social communication features of our app. That’s why today we’re introducing version 4.2 of the Tuenti app for Android users and version 4.1 for iPhone users. Focused on simplicity, it will now be even easier for Tuenti Móvil clients to manage operator services in the iPhone and Android apps: top-up, control credit, listen to voicemails, and purchase data Bundles.

Version 4.2 for Android, our most advanced version, includes voicemails that are integrated into chat conversations. This way, Tuenti Móvil clients can listen to their voicemails from directly within Tuenti’s chat section. This new version of our Android app also makes tagging much easier: Users can tag their friends in Moments as they publish them or in photos that they’ve already uploaded. We’ve also improved the photo browsing experience, and this version includes a URL shortener for sharing links in Moments more easily.

Version 4.1 of our iPhone app also includes updates in social communication. Within the chat section, users will now see the most popular public group chats, join them, and see all of the messages and photos that have been shared within them. This new version also comes with GIF support in the feed! Users can now share animated GIFs in Moments that they publish and on their friends’ walls.

Voice Messages in chat are even cooler now with the gnome and troll voice filters we’ve added to both versions of the app (in Android, for users with Android version 4.3).

We’re still developing our communications app with additional integration features for Tuenti Móvil clients that use our app without consuming credit or data with Zerolímites. We’ll be back with more news ;)

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