One more milestone in Tuenti's history

Posted on 11/06/2013 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO and Founder

Tuenti and Telefónica have reached an agreement by which Telefónica becomes Tuenti's sole shareholder as of today. This operation confirms their commitment to Tuenti, keeping the management team, and completes the 2010 operation, by which Telefónica became our strategic shareholder and majority shareholder.

This strategic alliance has enabled us to keep growing through innovation, reinventing Tuenti, going well beyond a social network, integrating social communication and mobile services with new products with added value, competing with global players.

For us, the long-term vision is the most important aspect. In our company's history we have had several investors, and these last three years have been vital to take Tuenti to the next level. Our challenge is to keep innovating, and we have a great team to do it. We are experiencing one more milestone in our young history and now start a new stage where we remain committed to keep innovating at 100% within Telefónica. We are happy innovating and working with the team to the fullest, bringing our team's talent and innovation to help to revolutionize the Telco sector and social communication. Everything lies ahead and we will do it together. All the way!

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