We are improving the user experiences of our telco services in the Tuenti app

Posted on 9/22/2014 by Paul Iliffe, Product Manager

Today we are introducing version 5.3 of our app for Android, which will also be available for iOS in the coming days. It is focused on improving the user experiences of our telco services through the app for Tuenti Móvil customers.

In version 5.3 for Android, we have improved the call interface so customers may choose between VOZDIGITAL, the mobile network, or call app to app. Information will be displayed on-screen regarding the mobile network's connection quality and the status of the VOZDIGITAL bundle, allowing customers to know at any time whether any minutes remain in their tariff.

The chat is now a key aspect of the telco integration within the application and it now provides clearer information on the types of communication the user has made with contacts, making it easier to identify voicemail messages, text messages or calls. We have also completed access to and searching for contacts, providing iOS and Android users with relevant information such as the contact's phone number at a glance. It is now also easier to identify the type of call selection (app to app or VOZDIGITAL).

With this new version, we continue to improve the service for making free app to app calls in terms of the service's quality and stability. In addition, as of now, iOS and Android users can make calls using open WiFi networks in places where it was not possible in the past (such as university campuses, airports, etc.). At the same time, with this latest update of our app, which first updated version (1.0) called Classic was launched in 2012, will be no longer supported. It's time to update the app in the Android store! Coming soon for iOS!

Presenting Tuenti Móvil as the first social, in-the-cloud MVNO with tariffs that are simpler and more competitive

Posted on 1/23/2014 by Sebas Muriel, Chief Operating Officer, and Alejandro Vázquez-Guillén, VP of Business Development, Marketing and Sales

At the press conference this morning, we presented the new company strategy and the new tariffs of the mobile operator on a stage full of clouds. We’re developing an operator that’s very different than the rest due to our cutting-edge investment in technology and innovation, and an integrated social communications app which sets us apart from all of the other mobile operators in today’s market. We’re the very first Telco 2.0, and we’re developing unique, in-the-cloud services which allow clients to use our services no matter where they are, from any device. Tuenti Móvil is a high quality, simple, and transparent service. We, as an operator, understand clients better than anyone else. We were the very first Tuenti Móvil users, and we want to respond effectively and in the way we know best, with what we really need: the best communications service, the most advanced technology, and the most competitive tariffs on the market. We are a Cloud Phone Company invested in developing integrated, in-the-cloud communication services for operator clients.

Starting today, our Tuenti Móvil tariffs are simpler and more competitive than ever. We offer 3 tariffs for both prepaid and contract clients, which are available both online and in stores. We’ve been listening to our clients and we’ve innovated within the market once again with unbeatable tariffs and an investment in value added services that no other MVNO can offer.

These are our new tariffs, presented under the slogan The best gig of your life: a 1 GB monthly bundle with calls at 0 cents/minute for the first 30 minutes + connection fee, for 7.25 euros (VAT included); a 1 GB monthly with 75 minutes and free calls to any operator for 10.75 euros (VAT included), and another monthly bundle with 1.5 GB and 150 minutes of free calls to any operator for 18 euros (VAT included). All bundles include the Zerolímites service.

We also announced the upcoming launch of a new BonoPlus extension bundle for prepaid lines with the Monthly Internet Bundles: in addition to the 300 MB for 3 euros (VAT included) that will lower in price, a new 500 MB BonoPlus bundle for 5 euros (VAT included) will be available. Both Bundles can be purchased as many times as a client wishes once s/he has consumed at least 80% of the monthly bundle, without losing unused MBs, since BonoPlus is activated once the Monthly Internet Bundle has run out entirely.

Tuenti Móvil clients and users of the Tuenti app can use the integrated management services for free, which are located in the “Tuenti Móvil” tab in the app’s side menu. There, clients can view their available credit, the data they’ve used, check messages, see their call histories, top up credit, purchase Bundles, etc. In addition to offering direct access to the customer support service, it is totally integrated with the communication services that allow for chatting, photo sharing, sounds, and video messages with Tuenti contacts and friends.

Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism visits Tuenti

Posted on 1/08/2014 by Zaryn Dentzel, Founder and CEO

Today we were visited by José Manuel Soria, Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism. He toured our Gran Vía office located in the heart of Madrid and was able to see our workplace and get a feel for our work environment as well as meet a large part of our team who showed him some of our most recent developments in innovation.

The Minister got a first-hand look at how Tuenti is evolving and becoming the number one company to integrate the Telco world with mobile applications for social communication. In fact, we are the first tech company to have developed a social Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) with an integrated mobile application. We are innovating at a global level from Spain and can affirm that Tuenti Móvil is the first Telco 2.0 to be presenting a completely innovative, in-the-cloud, phone service.

We showed him some features that integrate our MVNO with our new apps such as that which allows clients to manage their accounts from their smartphone as well as the Zerolímites service. Both constitute a real commitment to innovation in the Telco and social communication sectors at the national and international levels. The Minister emphasized our commitment to innovation through the promotion of talent in a strategic sector like that of new technologies and the Internet in which Spain cannot be left behind. The Minister shared a few words in which he highlighted the fact that Tuenti is an example of a young, dynamic, competitive, and strongly innovative company in the telecommunications sector, and it has been doing all of this within the context of a financial crisis, maintaining a strong commitment to the promotion of the development of new technological products with the best talent. This sends a very positive message to a key sector like that of information and communication technology, contributing to the strengthening of confidence in a sector that generates wealth and employment.

Additionally, the Minister emphasized that Tuenti is a success story and is a company that was founded and developed in Spain by a young team working to provide added value through R&D+i. We could not be more proud of the recognition we have received for our commitment and the hard work we undertake on a daily basis through such an important visit. This further motivates us to continue innovating in 2014, a year which has only just begun.

Zerolímites on Video – Telecom 2.0 has arrived

Posted on 10/02/2013 by Sebas Muriel, VP of Corporate Affairs

Here at Tuenti, we’re committed to innovation. We’re reinventing social and mobile communication. The present and future are feeling the impact of mobility and total connectivity. That’s why we’re focusing on products that provide value-added services to our users. Now, with Zerolímites, we’ve brought this vision to life: no other operator today can offer something so unique. No other offers its own app that lets clients speak (VoIP), chat, and share with a network of friends even if they don’t have any credit left. Users can be connected without using data or credit because none of their traffic within the app is deducted. We break down barriers. Within the sector, we’ve integrated unprecedented features and possibilities with the user experience. Now, account management and support can be found in the same app. And the best thing? This is just the beginning. We’ve set the foundation for telecom of the future, and we don’t see any limits to improving, reconsidering the norm, and searching for the best stimuli for continued innovation.

Today we’re presenting a video that explains, in one minute, the integration of both worlds: social communication and the telecom sector – Tuenti and Tuenti Móvil, with the most innovative added-value service: Zerolímites. We hope you like it ;)

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