Argentina, our third operation in Latin America

Posted on 11/18/2014 by Sebas Muriel, COO

Today we are launching our cell phone carrier service in Argentina, making it our fourth market -including Spain- and the third in Latin America, following the launch of Tuenti Mexico and Tuenti Peru in recent months.

This launch integrates the Quam brand and its operations. The service, which was introduced in Argentina a year ago, is now focused on the segment of young people to address the strategy of supporting Tuenti as a global company and product. Our young and dynamic cell phone service is presented with a commercial offering focused on data for people who use the Internet a lot on their cell phones. It focuses on innovation and technology as differentiating elements, allowing it to complete and enrich the user experience for customers offered by Quam thanks to the value-added services included in our mobile application, which may be used for free and allows making voice over IP calls, chatting or sharing photos. We are developing the first global cloudphone company that differentiates us from other carriers by using our app to integrate value-added services for customers in the cloud like no other carrier.

As of today, the new website will be operational with the new branding that contains the commercial offering being launched for the Argentinean market. This service and brand renewal will be backed by a commercial campaign in advertising media as well as in the new Twitter and Facebook profiles. The commercial offering being presented today focuses on digital aspects through very competitive weekly and monthly tariffs. It is a simple commercial offering aimed at young audiences. This first phase of the international launch in Argentina includes an initial basic integration of Tuenti's mobile application that offers simplified account management in the application itself along with features for calling (it allows making voice calls through the Internet--VoIP--from app to app), chatting and sharing photos. It also includes a collaborative customer support service among customers that is fully online.

That global Tuenti model is the foundation of what we have launched in Spain and what we are progressively rolling out in other markets, such as Mexico, Peru, and now Argentina. We are taking the first steps. We will soon integrate new, innovative projects such as VOZDIGITAL in order to continuously improve the user experience of our customers and going a step forward into our strategy in order to transform communications completely.

Tuenti arrives in Peru as a new cell phone carrier

Posted on 10/06/2014 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO

We continue to grow. In line with the strategy we have been carrying out in Spain and in Mexico, as well as our positioning that is focused on the most innovative mobile communication, today marks the start of our cell phone service in Peru, which has become our second cell phone carrier market in Latin America following the launch of Tuenti Mexico.

We have a global cell phone carrier model. Technology and innovation are differentiating elements in the market that set us apart from other carriers while competing in the field of mobile applications, providing customers with value by integrating Internet communication services and telecommunications services with a multi-platform cloud experience. Having an operation like ours in Peru gives a strong degree of added value to progress in terms of scale as well as critical mass. It also serves as a measurement device to improve the experience of users with feedback from customers in various countries.

Tuenti Peru, which has in place a team and an office in Lima, today launched the web site to present the service. This site contains the commercial offering being made available to the Peruvian market as well as the points of sale of SIMs. An ad campaign will be carried out in the media, and Twitter and Facebook profiles have been created. The digital offering being presented in Peru consists of tariffs that are adapted to the market as well as 5, 10, and 15-day plans. This is a simple and ground-breaking proposal that stands out in the market because of its focus on technology as a differentiating factor.

This initial phase of the international launch in Peru includes a basic integration of the Tuenti mobile application that offers simplified account management in the application itself along withfeatures for calling, chatting and sharing photos. We will soon integrate new, innovative projects in order to continuously improve the user experience of our customers. Tuenti Peru is here. Welcome to the Tuenti family!

We are hard at work, please pardon the inconvenience

Posted on 9/25/2014 by Sebas Muriel, COO

We are carrying out a technical process to change our service platform in order to become a Full MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and to continue offering customers the most innovative communication services.

As a result of this change, some of our customers have experienced service interruptions today, for which we would like to publicly apologize and reaffirm our commitment towards ensuring that any detected incidents are fully resolved in the shortest time possible. And of course, in line with our policy, we will promptly compensate customers who have experienced service interruptions along with the corresponding inconveniences.

What are we doing? We are carrying out this project in order to improve our services for prepaid and postpaid customers, and to have a more flexible service. For example, as in the case of Light MVNO, certain possibilities were limited and we were unable to evolve the cloudphone concept towards our intended service goals.

These types of processes require major technical changes, which may create incidents that could affect customers, as is the case in this instance. Our engineering team is working hard with our vendors to completely restore all the services as soon as possible.

We greatly appreciate the understanding that most customers have shown since, as in the case of home renovations, inconveniences are virtually inevitable, but in the end, the results make them worthwhile.

We are always available to customers for any doubts or additional incidents through chat via the Tuenti profile, e-mail, our support forums and social network profiles.

We are improving the user experiences of our telco services in the Tuenti app

Posted on 9/22/2014 by Paul Iliffe, Product Manager

Today we are introducing version 5.3 of our app for Android, which will also be available for iOS in the coming days. It is focused on improving the user experiences of our telco services through the app for Tuenti Móvil customers.

In version 5.3 for Android, we have improved the call interface so customers may choose between VOZDIGITAL, the mobile network, or call app to app. Information will be displayed on-screen regarding the mobile network's connection quality and the status of the VOZDIGITAL bundle, allowing customers to know at any time whether any minutes remain in their tariff.

The chat is now a key aspect of the telco integration within the application and it now provides clearer information on the types of communication the user has made with contacts, making it easier to identify voicemail messages, text messages or calls. We have also completed access to and searching for contacts, providing iOS and Android users with relevant information such as the contact's phone number at a glance. It is now also easier to identify the type of call selection (app to app or VOZDIGITAL).

With this new version, we continue to improve the service for making free app to app calls in terms of the service's quality and stability. In addition, as of now, iOS and Android users can make calls using open WiFi networks in places where it was not possible in the past (such as university campuses, airports, etc.). At the same time, with this latest update of our app, which first updated version (1.0) called Classic was launched in 2012, will be no longer supported. It's time to update the app in the Android store! Coming soon for iOS!


Posted on 2/25/2013 by Eng Outreach Committee

Today, we opened up registration for the 3rd edition of the Tuenti Challenge. Our Engineering team is putting together the tests and challenges for the competition that go beyond traditional programming contests. They’re incorporating tests that are really going to require a lot of effort from the contestants!


This edition of the Tuenti Challenge is divided into two phases. The first phase will take place online, and the 50 contestants with the highest scores will receive a Tuenti Prize Pack. The second phase will take place in our offices and contestants, like in 2011 and 2012, will spend the day learning from some of the best engineers on our team, participate in a workshop, and win fantastic prizes.

At Tuenti, we believe that talent is the foundation of the future of any company and that it has nothing to do with age or origin. That’s why we believe that these types of initiatives help us to discover people with potential and make them a part of our team.

We’re looking forward to seeing how our contestants face the challenges that we’ve prepared for them for this edition. If you’re interested in participating, take a look at our development blog where you can find more details and where we’ll be publishing more information throughout the contest.


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