Call home and say what really matters

Posted on 8/07/2015 by Laura Castilla, Marketing Manager .Tuenti

Thanks to our integrated app, it’s easier and cheaper than ever to call home. Today we’re rolling out two new pages to publicize these benefits to two of Spain’s most important groups of foreign residents: Brits and Romanians.

With .Tuenti you can call Romania or the United Kingdom for the same price as making a call in Spain. Our tariffs include at least 50 minutes which can be used to call any British or Romanian landline or mobile number via our app, without having to pay international roaming charges or any other additional cost.

And that's not all, because with .Tuenti you can now use the VozDigital minutes that are included in all our tariffs to call a total of 36 countries without paying more and without any call set-up fee.

What’s more, don’t forget that you can use the same number to call Spain from abroad by connecting with our free app to a Wi-Fi network. Now there are no excuses for not calling home.

We are .Tuenti, the mobile company that challenges everything

Posted on 6/09/2015 by Sebas Muriel, CEO

Today sees us take a significant step forward in our development as a digital Telco: we’ve just announced that we’re enabling users from other operators to trial our cloud-based value-added telephony services, even before signing up for them. This represents an unprecedented concept that enables users to try our services without having to change companies, opening up an “in-app” customer acquisition channel never before seen in the sector. As is the case with other freemium models for digital products, this will make it possible to try all the advantages of .Tuenti without needing to be a customer. By simply installing our app and registering their mobile number, users can enjoy a 50 minute VozDigital trial, whichever operator they are with. In fact, as of today, 50,000 .Tuenti users already have this feature available and it will be openly available to all users in the coming weeks.

.Tuenti isn’t just an operator; it’s a pioneering digital Telco and we’re demonstrating this again today. Our current positioning as a mobile company is far removed from people’s potential perceptions. It has undergone a dramatic evolution, breaking away from its past as a social network in order to mature into a mobile company which challenges the status quo in the mobile and APP/OTT sectors in order to bring you the future of telecommunications today.

This goes to explain why today saw the presentation of our new visual identity, .Tuenti, a new image in line with our reality and current positioning as a mobile company. We’ve opted for black and white, and our classic blue symbol logo has evolved into a more sophisticated, text-centred, black and white logo, with no additional symbol.

.Tuenti is, by nature, a groundbreaking and disruptive company. We want to change things and that’s why we’ve chosen the claim: “.Tuenti, the mobile company that challenges everything” as our hallmark. The time has come for a new. Tuenti which is bidding to be a "smart choice" in the mobile telephony sector, a truly smart choice in order to make the most of the value-added services incorporated in our app.

As if that wasn’t enough, today also saw the introduction of a simpler approach to tariffs: 1GB and 50 VozDigital minutes for 7€, 1GB and unlimited VozDigital minutes for 12€ and 2GB and unlimited VozDigital minutes for 18€, all on 4G with Movistar coverage, both on prepaid and postpaid, and without being locked into a long-term contract. What’s more, thanks to VozDigital, .Tuenti’s tariffs include loads more minutes for the same price and they all include, in addition to cloud-based telephony services, international calls to 24 countries, free calls from abroad over WiFi and 200 SMS from the app, which don’t use up data or credit.

.Tuenti represents a turning point for the sector so we invite you to challenge your preconceptions and see .Tuenti in a new light.

We are focusing on VOZDIGITAL with our new tariffs

Posted on 10/08/2014 by Antonio Vigueras, CBO

Today we are presenting our new commercial offering with new tariffs that have a strong focus on VOZDIGITAL, the innovative service presented in July that is the element that differentiates us from other cell phone carriers.

We believe in value-added services, and aside from offering excellent tariffs, what really stands out is that we are providing customers with an experience that is different from other cloudphone services and that no other carrier can offer. This means that all phone book contacts, call history, account management, etc., are available in the device as well as in the cloud, in the customer's Tuenti profile, which can be accessed from any device (web or mobile). We offer a multi-platform cloud experience, and all communication services (text messages, standard GSM calls, VoIP calls, voicemail, push-to-talk, etc.) are integrated in our app.

From now on, new customers who purchase a Tuenti Móvil SIM from the website as well as existing customers who would like to change their tariff will have access to four different tariffs:

We are also introducing a simplified offering of three tariffs for physical point of sale locations. The €7 and €11 plans are now joined by a €16 plan that includes 1 GB + 100 min of GSM calls and unlimited VOZDIGITAL minutes:

GSM calls are charged at 0 cents per minute, while the unlimited VOZDIGITAL tariffs, referred to as "The first unlimited voice plan for everyone", represent the company's commitment with providing access to calls through the app to customers who do not use traditional voice calls.

We present VOZDIGITAL, our new communication concept that integrates telco and app services

Posted on 7/08/2014 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO and founder

We present the communication of the future. Today we presented a new proprietary technology that is the first to integrate cell phone carrier and proprietary app services with digital voice calls to landline or cell phone numbers, as well as an integrated tariff commercial offering. This is a new service category in the market where full connectivity is integrated with over the top (OTT) services in a single commercial product.

As of today, customers will be able to use VOZDIGITAL to make calls from our app to landline or cell phone numbers, within their tariff and without requiring the other person to have the Tuenti app installed. This service is available as of today on iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as on the Internet with Chrome and Opera browsers, and it includes GSM calls through the app for the first time ever.

This is a fully innovative concept that has been completely developed by Tuenti on a technological level. It breaks away from certain market standards in the sense that, for example, it allows making calls to Spain from another country with the VOZDIGITAL tariff by simply using a WiFi connection on the cell phone or a computer. It is also a cloud service that does not rely on a specific device. If a user's terminal is not available, they can make calls using their Tuenti account on any other device and it will always appear that they are calling from their own number.

As of today, customers may purchase any of the new VOZDIGITAL plans at the 1GB plan with 200 minutes of VOZDIGITAL calls for €13 (VAT included), or the 2GB plan with unlimited VOZDIGITAL calls for €25 (VAT included) (call establishment fees are included in both cases). VOZDIGITAL minutes do not consume data bundle allowances, and any calls made via GSM (in other words, not using the app) will be charged at 0 cents/minute + the call establishment fee. Both tariffs are available online to prepaid and postpaid customers, along with the classic plans for which we have rounded the tariffs. They will also be available as of next Monday at our more than 2,000 point of sale locations in Spain.

The communication of the future is here: with VOZDIGITAL, make calls today like others will tomorrow ;)

What Happens at Las Fallas Deserves Talked About

Posted on 2/28/2014 by Juanjo Muñoz, Marketing Tuenti Móvil

Tomorrow we’re launching a promotional action in the square at Valencia’s City Hall during celebrate the Las Fallas, in which we’ll be dropping dozens of large blue balloons from the Movistar building in the square. These huge balloons, bearing the the Tuent Móvil logo, will be dropped down onto Valencians and non-Valencians attending the mascletàs every day at 2 p.m. until March 19th. New clients will be able to find Tuenti Móvil tariffs in 119 Tuenti Móvil points of sale in the Valencia province, including  Movistar stores (75 in metropolitan Valencia), Media Markt, Worten and Telecor, among others. Because what happens at Las Fallas deserves to be talked about with the best tariffs and the most innovative service.


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