Focused on cell phones and growing

Posted on 7/15/2014 by Sebas Muriel, COO

On other occasions, I explained that our corporate strategy and our business model have been completely refocused. In recent years, we have invested in innovation and technology in order to carry out a major transformation and position cell phones in the center of our operations. We have developed an extremely innovative cell phone carrier, Tuenti Móvil, that is focused on data and includes value-added services, such as our own communication app, which offers customers a radically different experience from any other carrier. We are one of the MVNOs to process the most net portabilities in the first half of the year (more than +25,000). From the perspective of our business model, our revenues have been diversified. Years ago they were primarily from advertising, while currently they are mostly from our MVNO service. In 2013, our cell phone carrier business grew by 240%, while the company attained a global turnover of €17 million, 21% more than in 2012.

A model that, as we have explained, is global and already present in Mexico, and will soon reach other markets. A model in which innovation and proprietary technology, developed by our engineering, product and design teams, are the primary differentiating elements. We offer value to customers by integrating telecommunications and social communication services with our integrated app to provide a multi-platform cloud experience. A mobile carrier that is focused on the segment that makes the most use of mobile Internet, and in the upcoming months we will continue to develop new projects such as VOZDIGITAL, our latest technological development that we presented last week and represents our strategy to radically transform communications.

We present VOZDIGITAL, our new communication concept that integrates telco and app services

Posted on 7/08/2014 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO and founder

We present the communication of the future. Today we presented a new proprietary technology that is the first to integrate cell phone carrier and proprietary app services with digital voice calls to landline or cell phone numbers, as well as an integrated tariff commercial offering. This is a new service category in the market where full connectivity is integrated with over the top (OTT) services in a single commercial product.

As of today, customers will be able to use VOZDIGITAL to make calls from our app to landline or cell phone numbers, within their tariff and without requiring the other person to have the Tuenti app installed. This service is available as of today on iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as on the Internet with Chrome and Opera browsers, and it includes GSM calls through the app for the first time ever.

This is a fully innovative concept that has been completely developed by Tuenti on a technological level. It breaks away from certain market standards in the sense that, for example, it allows making calls to Spain from another country with the VOZDIGITAL tariff by simply using a WiFi connection on the cell phone or a computer. It is also a cloud service that does not rely on a specific device. If a user's terminal is not available, they can make calls using their Tuenti account on any other device and it will always appear that they are calling from their own number.

As of today, customers may purchase any of the new VOZDIGITAL plans at the 1GB plan with 200 minutes of VOZDIGITAL calls for €13 (VAT included), or the 2GB plan with unlimited VOZDIGITAL calls for €25 (VAT included) (call establishment fees are included in both cases). VOZDIGITAL minutes do not consume data bundle allowances, and any calls made via GSM (in other words, not using the app) will be charged at 0 cents/minute + the call establishment fee. Both tariffs are available online to prepaid and postpaid customers, along with the classic plans for which we have rounded the tariffs. They will also be available as of next Monday at our more than 2,000 point of sale locations in Spain.

The communication of the future is here: with VOZDIGITAL, make calls today like others will tomorrow ;)

New Offices for a New Tuenti

Posted on 8/06/2013 by Sebas Muriel, VP of Corporate Affairs

Tuenti’s Madrid team has been working from the new offices on Gran Vía for the last few weeks.  Our office philosophy here is the same as it’s always been, including spaces designed to promote a fresh and creative working environment, open spaces with no offices, and many common work areas. The names of the 21 meeting rooms have been chosen by the team and recognize great innovators throughout history such as Copernicus and Steve Jobs.

Innovation is the symbol of our identity and the opening of our new offices coincides with a very important moment for us: a new space for a new Tuenti. Our company has been the first to integrate the telecommunications world with social communication. The integration of Tuenti Móvil and Tuenti is perhaps the most important milestone in our short history as a company, and the “Zerolímites” service is the embodiment of this offer, allowing all Tuenti Móvil clients (past, present, and future) to use the Tuenti app to communicate even if they don’t have mobile phone credit, since the app and browsing on Tuenti’s mobile site does not require the consumption of data or credit. This means that users can speak (through VoIP calls), chat, and share photos for free. This is a revolutionary offer that allows users to communicate even if they’ve run out of phone credit, for free for 30 days.

Tuenti is no longer just a social network. We’ve put mobiles at the center of our strategy, and we’ve been reinventing Tuenti for the last year and turning it into a new multi-platform (apps and web) tool with a totally new design that integrates instant messaging and social functionalities, and unlike others, maintains privacy and security. Throughout this time, we’ve also been building Tuenti Móvil, the first social Virtual Mobile Operator, that now coincides with Tuenti’s apps  and lets Tuenti Móvil clients manage their account (credit, top-ups, data usage, call history, etc.) directly from their smartphones.

This is a completely new and innovative offer, both in the telecommunications and social communications sectors, and it is just the beginning of our new journey.

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