Tuenti for Android, Going Even Further

Posted on 11/22/2013 by Bernardo Reynolds, Product Manager

Tuenti 4.0 for Android is available in the Play Store starting today. It’s even better than before, because this version comes with a lot of new features including public group chats, multi-photo sharing in chat, and Sticky Notifications, among others.

One of the biggest reasons that people use Tuenti is to meet new people. That’s why we’ve created a brand new way to do so: through public group chats in which users can chat with other registered users that they share interests with, while maintaining Tuenti’s privacy model. Each chat group can contain up to 75 participants and will have an administrator responsible for managing it, able to ban participants as well as change the group chat photo and description.

Version 4.0 allows users to create these chat groups (in Beta phase), and they will be published on Tuenti as Moments. They will be completely integrated into the feed, allowing the creator’s friends to join as well. These chat groups can also be shared externally on other platforms or through email via a link. Take a look at other possible uses for this new feature.

With this new version, users can now share up to 10 photos at a time within individual and group chat conversations just like iPhone users. Additionally, users can now check their Sticky notifications (history) so they don’t miss out on anything. The Tuenti app for Android now goes even further. It’s time to update! ;)

Presenting our App for Windows 8.1

Posted on 11/15/2013 by Jose Lorenzo, Engineering Manager

In April, we launched the Tuenti app for Windows Phone, updated to version 1.7, and today we’re announcing the arrival of our Windows 8.1 app to the Windows Store. Starting today, all of our users who have Windows 8.1 can get the app that comes with a design and browsing experience that is totally aligned with the new Microsoft operating system.

We’ve adapted our app to Windows 8 by unifying the user experience in order to take advantage of touch-screen and personalization tools of the Windows 8.1 operating system, integrating Tuenti’s features such as chat, the feed, photo albums, notifications, and popular photos. Additionally, in the live tile of the device - tablets, PCs, convertibles, and other compatible devices- users will receive real-time notifications for their most recent chat conversations on Tuenti. Security and privacy will never be a problem because data sent from one device to another is encrypted.

Time to go to the Windows store and download the Tuenti app ;)

New Navigation for our Android App

Posted on 8/27/2013 by Philip Arkcoll, VP of Product

We’ve got a new look! Today we’re opening up the new navigation in version 3.5 of the Tuenti app for Android which is simpler and easier to use than before, and will gradually become available to users in the coming weeks. With this version, users will be able to access notifications, events, and photos through the new menu located to the left of the chat menu. We’ve kept chat at the center of the experience just like always, and users will find the feed to the right of it and will be able to keep up with every detail of the Moments their friends share.

Users will now be able to access their personal profiles through the new menu, and Tuenti Móvil clients will be able to manage their accounts from the menu in order to top up their credit, view call histories, access their voicemail, and read the FAQs.

In this new version for Android, users can upload photos directly from their albums and share them in comments just as they would in a group chat. They’ll also receive notifications when a friend tags them in a photo. We’ve also included a feature allowing users to share their location and/or locate a place nearby.

We’ve also improved the registration-through-invitation process by increasing the number of friend suggestions a user will receive so that they can invite all of their friends and contacts to download Tuenti.  This way, they’ll be able to chat with everyone as well as share Moments with only the people that really matter. We’ll be back with more updates soon.

Launching Tuenti for Android with Private Messages

Posted on 5/31/2013 by María José González Bernardo, Product Manager

We’re presenting version 2.6 of Tuenti for Android that, starting today, includes private messages. This new functionality allows users of the application to receive, read, and send messages to all of their friends.

This the first time that this functionality is being included in the Tuenti app, and another novelty is that new private messages are received as new messages within chat conversations. Additionally, a user that has several message threads with the same friend will be able to access them all through the menu at the top of the chat window.

In addition to private messages, this new version also includes a search for friends and contacts by name (like the the web version of Tuenti) and a simpler and faster option for syncing phonebooks with the app in order to invite friends with more ease to Tuenti.

We’re still working hard to add new functionalities to our apps that bring together the best of our social network and a private, secure, instant messaging multi-platform service that is, and always will be, completely free. We’ll be back soon with more news!

Tuenti Social Messenger 2.5 for Android with Albums and Comments Launched

Posted on 5/10/2013 by María José González Bernardo, Product Manager

We’re on a roll. Tuenti Social Messenger just keeps getting better each day, and today we’re launching version 2.5 for Android which introduces many new features such as photo albums and wall posts, among others.

Starting today, users will be able to see all of their photo albums and those of their friends in this updated version. Additionally, we’ve added photo browsing by date, which will make it much easier to find old photos on friends’ profiles.

As a first for Tuenti Social Messenger, this Android version includes walls. From now on, users will be able to comment and share photos on their friends’ walls, as well as respond to comments left on their own walls.

In addition to these features, we’ve also included visual improvements. We’re continuing to work hard at offering more new app features that bring together the best of our social network and a private and secure instant messaging, multi-platform service that is, and always will be totally free. We’ll be back with much more news soon. Now it’s time to get the latest version of Tuenti Social Messenger for Android!


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