Tuenti, now in the cloud and without a SIM

Posted on 2/05/2015 by Luis Javier Álvarez, Product Manager

We are loaded with news! We launch innovations in our cloudphone service and in the website cell phone account.  In addition, we present the 5.7 version of Tuenti app for iOS and Android.

As from now, our website offers a new user experience for Tuenti Móvil clients that are now initially subscribing to the cell phone account and have their conversations on the right of the screen, without losing the social part of Tuenti.

In the version 5.7 that will be soon available in the App Store and Google Play, we have developed a more complete cloudphone service so our clients can make calls through VOZDIGITAL to their contacts from the phone of a friend or from the Tuenti website (with Chrome, Opera and also now Firefox) and that their number appears on the phone of the receiver. Thus, our phones will be always available from any device, even without having a Tuenti SIM in it. 

In addition, with this version all communications from clients with the same contact, although this has different telephone numbers, are in the same conversation in the chat history in the apps, with a clearer design and round avatars. 

Lastly, the 5.7 allows knowing the coverage quality for making calls through VOZDIGITAL before making them through the Tuenti app and, from the native operative system of the Smartphone in Android, the message will also include the quality of the VOZDIGITAL call.

Now VOZDIGITAL from your mobile phone list of contacts

Posted on 11/12/2014 by Paul Iliffe, Product Manager

In our aim to simplify and improve the experience of our clients, we have integrated VOZDIGITAL natively into the operative system of the telephone with version 5.5 of the Tuenti app for Android. What does that mean? That you only need one click in your list of contacts to use VOZDIGITAL of Tuenti Móvil, therefore to use the service there is no need to enter the Tuenti app. In addition, we have included improvements in audio quality of the calls and the option that our clients evaluate the quality of the same in order to make ongoing improvements based on their experience. 

On the other hand, with this new version the clients with contracts can download their monthly Tuenti Móvil invoice in PDF format.

Soon we will be back with more novelties in our app and new advantages for the clients of Tuenti Móvil. Meanwhile, update your app.

We present VOZDIGITAL, our new communication concept that integrates telco and app services

Posted on 7/08/2014 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO and founder

We present the communication of the future. Today we presented a new proprietary technology that is the first to integrate cell phone carrier and proprietary app services with digital voice calls to landline or cell phone numbers, as well as an integrated tariff commercial offering. This is a new service category in the market where full connectivity is integrated with over the top (OTT) services in a single commercial product.

As of today, customers will be able to use VOZDIGITAL to make calls from our app to landline or cell phone numbers, within their tariff and without requiring the other person to have the Tuenti app installed. This service is available as of today on iOS and Android phones and tablets, as well as on the Internet with Chrome and Opera browsers, and it includes GSM calls through the app for the first time ever.

This is a fully innovative concept that has been completely developed by Tuenti on a technological level. It breaks away from certain market standards in the sense that, for example, it allows making calls to Spain from another country with the VOZDIGITAL tariff by simply using a WiFi connection on the cell phone or a computer. It is also a cloud service that does not rely on a specific device. If a user's terminal is not available, they can make calls using their Tuenti account on any other device and it will always appear that they are calling from their own number.

As of today, customers may purchase any of the new VOZDIGITAL plans at www.tuentimovil.com: the 1GB plan with 200 minutes of VOZDIGITAL calls for €13 (VAT included), or the 2GB plan with unlimited VOZDIGITAL calls for €25 (VAT included) (call establishment fees are included in both cases). VOZDIGITAL minutes do not consume data bundle allowances, and any calls made via GSM (in other words, not using the app) will be charged at 0 cents/minute + the call establishment fee. Both tariffs are available online to prepaid and postpaid customers, along with the classic plans for which we have rounded the tariffs. They will also be available as of next Monday at our more than 2,000 point of sale locations in Spain.

The communication of the future is here: with VOZDIGITAL, make calls today like others will tomorrow ;)

The Tuenti Móvil Support Chat is now available directly in the Tuenti app

Posted on 6/04/2014 by Luis Javier Álvarez, Product Manager

Today we are announcing interesting innovations to our native iOS and Android apps, including a direct chat with the Customer Service team in the Android app, navigation improvements for Tuenti Móvil customers, and support for iPad.

We are a carrier that is focused on doing things differently, and one of our main objectives is to provide customers with the best assistance. Making it easy for customers to contact us is the first step, which is why as of today, we will begin to progressively open the integrated Support chat in the Tuenti app for Android, exclusively for Tuenti Móvil customers.

In the Tuenti app, Tuenti Móvil will appear as a friend in the buddy list so customers may contact our support team in a way that is faster and easier than ever. In addition, if we are not available at a certain time, customers may fill out a Support Form and leave a message for later.

Also, as of now, Tuenti Móvil customers will experience a simpler navigation in the Tuenti app since the account management section is even more integrated than before, with increased prominence since it is integrated from the main navigation, along with the chat and the feed in the top area of the direct access screen. From here, customers may continue to top up their credit, purchase data bundles, view their call history, etc., but in a more convenient manner.

iOS users will also experience improvements in terms of the usability, design and overall compatibility of the iPad app. And as of today, Tuenti Móvil customers may use a computer to easily configure the APN of their smartphones.

We'll be back soon with more important announcements… Stay tuned! ;)

We have inaugurated our new online store and improved the integration with Tuenti Móvil in our app

Posted on 5/07/2014 by Christopher Grant, Product Manager

Starting today, the new Tuenti Móvil online store is fully operational. It has a new design that highlights the differentiating value of our service proposal through innovation and technology with our integrated communication app and value-added services. Another novelty is a new mobile version that is fully compatible with any device. As of today, it will be progressively operational for all users. The new store is available at www.tuentimovil.com and it offers navigation that is even simpler and more intuitive.

Today we are also launching an updated version of our Android app (4.4) that is debuting in a new category--communication in Google Play--as a result of our emphasis as a mobile communication tool.

The new version is centered on the integration with Tuenti Móvil, which has become the focus of the experience between our mobile operator customers. Tuenti Móvil customers will now have faster access to account management as well as a convenient connection to services via the app, such as requesting a SIM directly through it without having to visit our website.

When the new app is installed, Tuenti Móvil customers will be provided with a navigation tutorial that explains all the new features and benefits that are available, such as integrated management of the line (consumption control, inbox, history, etc.), free integrated voice calls, and the Zerolímites service that does not consume data allowances or credit when using our app.

This new version of the Android app also includes a free social communication tool that is available to any user, the possibility of using animated GIFs in moments or in friends' walls, as well as improvements to the application's performance and overall operation. These new features are combined with the improvements launched a few weeks ago in the free voice calling service.

We recommend that all users visit the new tuentimovil.com site and update the app, especially customers of our mobile virtual network operator, and we invite anyone who is not yet familiar with the benefits of our tool to try it and give us their feedback so we may continue building the best digital mobile communication service on the market.


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