We are hard at work, please pardon the inconvenience

Posted on 9/25/2014 by Sebas Muriel, COO

We are carrying out a technical process to change our service platform in order to become a Full MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) and to continue offering customers the most innovative communication services.

As a result of this change, some of our customers have experienced service interruptions today, for which we would like to publicly apologize and reaffirm our commitment towards ensuring that any detected incidents are fully resolved in the shortest time possible. And of course, in line with our policy, we will promptly compensate customers who have experienced service interruptions along with the corresponding inconveniences.

What are we doing? We are carrying out this project in order to improve our services for prepaid and postpaid customers, and to have a more flexible service. For example, as in the case of Light MVNO, certain possibilities were limited and we were unable to evolve the cloudphone concept towards our intended service goals.

These types of processes require major technical changes, which may create incidents that could affect customers, as is the case in this instance. Our engineering team is working hard with our vendors to completely restore all the services as soon as possible.

We greatly appreciate the understanding that most customers have shown since, as in the case of home renovations, inconveniences are virtually inevitable, but in the end, the results make them worthwhile.

We are always available to customers for any doubts or additional incidents through chat via the Tuenti profile, e-mail, our support forums and social network profiles.

Bonoplus for VOZDIGITAL has arrived

Posted on 7/29/2014 by Susana Guio and Pedro Mejuto, Product Managers

We are continuing to work on the development of our VOZDIGITAL proposal for Tuenti Móvil customers, so after giving away 30 minutes of this new service to all our prepaid and postpaid customers, today we are presenting Bonoplus for VOZDIGITAL.

It works just like the 300MB and 500MB data Bonoplus, but this bundle is used to expand the VOZDIGITAL services of prepaid customers by 50, 100 and 200 minutes. To use this service, Tuenti Móvil customers must purchase any of our VOZDIGITAL tariffs and fall within the prepaid category.

We are preparing additional new features that will be presented in the near future so we may continue developing our service by focusing on innovation and technology as differentiating elements. ;)

Why do young people change cell phone carriers?

Posted on 7/25/2014 by Communication Team

Today we present the results of the latest study we have carried out in collaboration with the market research company IPSOS on the usage habits and the opinions of young people regarding mobile Internet. Among other results, this edition reveals that coverage (70.2%), not having a minimum contract term (67.9%) and good customer service (52.7%) are the most important factors to consider when changing cell phone carriers.

Furthermore, the study asked survey respondents who had processed a portability to another carrier in the past what the main reasons for this decision were, and 40.4% stated that they had changed cell phone carriers because the new one offered a better data tariff, 23.7% indicated an overall discontent with the carrier as the reason for the change, and 16% left their cell phone carrier after receiving better promotions from other companies.

Additional information about the results is available here.

Focused on cell phones and growing

Posted on 7/15/2014 by Sebas Muriel, COO

On other occasions, I explained that our corporate strategy and our business model have been completely refocused. In recent years, we have invested in innovation and technology in order to carry out a major transformation and position cell phones in the center of our operations. We have developed an extremely innovative cell phone carrier, Tuenti Móvil, that is focused on data and includes value-added services, such as our own communication app, which offers customers a radically different experience from any other carrier. We are one of the MVNOs to process the most net portabilities in the first half of the year (more than +25,000). From the perspective of our business model, our revenues have been diversified. Years ago they were primarily from advertising, while currently they are mostly from our MVNO service. In 2013, our cell phone carrier business grew by 240%, while the company attained a global turnover of €17 million, 21% more than in 2012.

A model that, as we have explained, is global and already present in Mexico, and will soon reach other markets. A model in which innovation and proprietary technology, developed by our engineering, product and design teams, are the primary differentiating elements. We offer value to customers by integrating telecommunications and social communication services with our integrated app to provide a multi-platform cloud experience. A mobile carrier that is focused on the segment that makes the most use of mobile Internet, and in the upcoming months we will continue to develop new projects such as VOZDIGITAL, our latest technological development that we presented last week and represents our strategy to radically transform communications.

Tuenti Móvil receives the ContactCenter award for the best online customer service

Posted on 6/27/2014 by Daniel Sánchez and Paloma de la Vega, Customer & Community Support

The Tuenti Móvil Customer Support team received an award at the 5th Platinum ContactCenter Awards that took place last night in Madrid. The jury decided that our team, which works hard on a daily basis to provide customers with the best service, deserved this award for the best online customer service in the Best Webshop category. The Platinum ContactCenter Awards have been consolidated as a symbol of quality that rewards the best customer support services in the Spanish industry.

We work hard every day, between 9 am and midnight, to offer an agile, effective, trustworthy and quality online service, which is why we recently added a new method for contacting our Support team using the chat feature of the Tuenti app

This recognition means a lot to us and we are extremely proud to receive it. We would like to THANK the jury as well as all our Tuenti Móvil customers, who are the individuals that make it possible for our work to be successful and to obtain these results. THANK YOU, TUENTIMÓVILERS!

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