Pioneers in the telephony of the future, we continue to grow and improve results

Posted on 4/13/2015 by Sebas Muriel, CEO Tuenti

2014 saw a significant improvement in our results: our turnover increased to 21 million euros in 2014, a 25% increase compared with the previous year, increasing the bottom line by 33%. 98% of our revenue is now generated from our service as a mobile operator, which has seen further growth, this time by 72% compared with 2013. We have reinvented Tuenti as a product, as a company and as a business model (our turnover is currently over double that of 2010 when our revenue originated exclusively from advertising). Tuenti has evolved dramatically and is no longer a social network. A 180º turn in a sector like technology and internet offer, where we are committed to offering our customers the future of mobile telephony right now.

Tuenti was created as a website in 2006 and, for the last three years, we have placed the mobile at the center of our twofold strategy: transforming Tuenti into a mobile app and developing our own service as an integrated telephony operator, officially launched in 2012 and now with over 240,000 active customers in Spain. Tuenti was in fact Spain’s first digital mobile operator, the first to center its commercial offering around data and the first to include an integrated management and communication app. We were pioneers, launching free app-to-app VoIP calls in 2013. We were also the first not to calculate our customers’ use of the app (Zerolímites) meaning that they don’t use up data or credit. In recent months, we have also been trailblazers by launching our service outside Spain, with a global model (already operational in Mexico, Peru and Argentina) focused on technological innovation, especially designed for those who heavily use mobile Internet.

Our more than 100 engineers are focused on developing high added-value products that make Tuenti the most ground-breaking operator, as it is the first to offer cross-platform cloud-based telephony services, with unique benefits and features, accelerating progress towards the mobile telephony of the future, and, since 2014, the first operator on the market to offer VOZDIGITAL calls: a further step forward when it comes to VoIP calls, which can be made via the Tuenti app to any landline or mobile number in Spain long before other global companies can offer this service. I’d like to once again thank the team who enable Tuenti to always remain one step ahead and, above all, the customers who rely on our services for their communication needs, encouraging everyone to know Tuenti today, the pioneering company developing the future of mobile telephony.

Argentina, our third operation in Latin America

Posted on 11/18/2014 by Sebas Muriel, COO

Today we are launching our cell phone carrier service in Argentina, making it our fourth market -including Spain- and the third in Latin America, following the launch of Tuenti Mexico and Tuenti Peru in recent months.

This launch integrates the Quam brand and its operations. The service, which was introduced in Argentina a year ago, is now focused on the segment of young people to address the strategy of supporting Tuenti as a global company and product. Our young and dynamic cell phone service is presented with a commercial offering focused on data for people who use the Internet a lot on their cell phones. It focuses on innovation and technology as differentiating elements, allowing it to complete and enrich the user experience for customers offered by Quam thanks to the value-added services included in our mobile application, which may be used for free and allows making voice over IP calls, chatting or sharing photos. We are developing the first global cloudphone company that differentiates us from other carriers by using our app to integrate value-added services for customers in the cloud like no other carrier.

As of today, the new website will be operational with the new branding that contains the commercial offering being launched for the Argentinean market. This service and brand renewal will be backed by a commercial campaign in advertising media as well as in the new Twitter and Facebook profiles. The commercial offering being presented today focuses on digital aspects through very competitive weekly and monthly tariffs. It is a simple commercial offering aimed at young audiences. This first phase of the international launch in Argentina includes an initial basic integration of Tuenti's mobile application that offers simplified account management in the application itself along with features for calling (it allows making voice calls through the Internet--VoIP--from app to app), chatting and sharing photos. It also includes a collaborative customer support service among customers that is fully online.

That global Tuenti model is the foundation of what we have launched in Spain and what we are progressively rolling out in other markets, such as Mexico, Peru, and now Argentina. We are taking the first steps. We will soon integrate new, innovative projects such as VOZDIGITAL in order to continuously improve the user experience of our customers and going a step forward into our strategy in order to transform communications completely.

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