Redesigned Tuenti Móvil Account on the Tuenti app

Posted on 3/27/2015 by Pedro Mejuto, Product Manager

Today we are introducing a simpler and faster-loading redesigned Mobile Account for our customers in Spain, both on our iOS and Android app and on the web version. This redesign is another step towards standardizing these features at a global level and places the focus on usage management.

As such, the Account now includes new horizontal bars representing the amount of usage left in Bundles, and the time remaining until the customer’s tariff expires. In addition, the most commonly used actions such as topping up credit, renewing monthly Bundles or purchasing Bonoplus (both VOZDIGITAL and 300MB, 500MB and 1GB of data) are integrated on the Mobile Account’s main screen, so these actions are now only one click away by pressing the "+" button.

What’s more, the main screen also has shortcuts to Call History, Services, Support and the Invite and Earn program, which enables our customers to earn credit when they invite their friends to Tuenti Móvil.

And this is just a small sample of what we have in store and what we’ll be rolling out in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we’ll keep on working to further develop the operator of the future ;)

Tuenti, now in the cloud and without a SIM

Posted on 2/05/2015 by Luis Javier Álvarez, Product Manager

We are loaded with news! We launch innovations in our cloudphone service and in the website cell phone account.  In addition, we present the 5.7 version of Tuenti app for iOS and Android.

As from now, our website offers a new user experience for Tuenti Móvil clients that are now initially subscribing to the cell phone account and have their conversations on the right of the screen, without losing the social part of Tuenti.

In the version 5.7 that will be soon available in the App Store and Google Play, we have developed a more complete cloudphone service so our clients can make calls through VOZDIGITAL to their contacts from the phone of a friend or from the Tuenti website (with Chrome, Opera and also now Firefox) and that their number appears on the phone of the receiver. Thus, our phones will be always available from any device, even without having a Tuenti SIM in it. 

In addition, with this version all communications from clients with the same contact, although this has different telephone numbers, are in the same conversation in the chat history in the apps, with a clearer design and round avatars. 

Lastly, the 5.7 allows knowing the coverage quality for making calls through VOZDIGITAL before making them through the Tuenti app and, from the native operative system of the Smartphone in Android, the message will also include the quality of the VOZDIGITAL call.

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