We present Bonoplus for postpaid customers

Posted on 12/10/2014 by Marta Padilla, Product Manager

At Tuenti Móvil, we continue working on developing the most complete service offering, which is why today we present for our postpaid customers the 300 MB expansion bundles for €3, 500 MB for €5, and 1 GB of data for €8 (VAT included), as well as the VOZDIGITAL Bonoplus with 50 minutes for €2, 100 minutes for €3.50, and 200 minutes for €6 (VAT included).

These new postpaid Bonoplus are in addition to the prepaid ones. Now, all our customers may top up minutes or data and continue talking or browsing at the best price. Just like the prepaid Bonoplus, the postpaid Bonoplus may also be added at any time through the app or the user's profile in the Tuenti website as many times as needed, even before running out. This means that VOZDIGITAL minutes and existing data allowances are accumulated, so any MB that are not consumed are not lost since they are activated when the 30-day Internet Bundle has run out.

All the information about Bonoplus is available in our Help section ;)

We are focusing on VOZDIGITAL with our new tariffs

Posted on 10/08/2014 by Antonio Vigueras, CBO

Today we are presenting our new commercial offering with new tariffs that have a strong focus on VOZDIGITAL, the innovative service presented in July that is the element that differentiates us from other cell phone carriers.

We believe in value-added services, and aside from offering excellent tariffs, what really stands out is that we are providing customers with an experience that is different from other cloudphone services and that no other carrier can offer. This means that all phone book contacts, call history, account management, etc., are available in the device as well as in the cloud, in the customer's Tuenti profile, which can be accessed from any device (web or mobile). We offer a multi-platform cloud experience, and all communication services (text messages, standard GSM calls, VoIP calls, voicemail, push-to-talk, etc.) are integrated in our app.

From now on, new customers who purchase a Tuenti Móvil SIM from the website as well as existing customers who would like to change their tariff will have access to four different tariffs:

We are also introducing a simplified offering of three tariffs for physical point of sale locations. The €7 and €11 plans are now joined by a €16 plan that includes 1 GB + 100 min of GSM calls and unlimited VOZDIGITAL minutes:

GSM calls are charged at 0 cents per minute, while the unlimited VOZDIGITAL tariffs, referred to as "The first unlimited voice plan for everyone", represent the company's commitment with providing access to calls through the app to customers who do not use traditional voice calls.

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