We facilitate and simplify the registration and access process in our app

Posted on 10/21/2016 by Vanessa Hoya, Product Manager

These last few days we have given a little love to our registration process via our app in iOS and Android devices. The result is a new flow of registration and an easier starting of sessions, and a little cooler too, I have to admit.

Now our users and clients can register and access their Tuenti account by using their social profiles from Twitter, Google and Facebook, besides your email, as usual. Anywhere, anytime. Just register with the latest version of our app ;)

We have fully integrated our VozDigital with iOS 10

Posted on 9/14/2016 by Darío Alonso, Product Manager

Fans of Apple have been waiting for this moment with almost as much impatience as us. Since Apple presented its new gadgets and features on September 7th we’ve been dying to announce this new version of the Tuenti application for iOS and today we’re celebrating the fact it’s already available in the App Store!

The new version includes important improvements to the call experience on the app, which will making calling with Tuenti much easier and more accessible. Check it out:

The integration of Tuenti with Apple’s operating system is complete, so from now on calls made via the app will appear as recorded in the particular cell phone’s history as Tuenti Audio and, to return them, the same channel can be used.

Now you can also make VozDigital calls and maintain the natural iOS experience: from the contact information button in your call history, simply click on the contact for 1 second and you will be given the ‘how to call’ option. If you have run out of minutes, you can call via the app, without using minutes.

You can also call contacts saved in your contact list as favorites directly from Tuenti’s VozDigital widget without having to open the app!

Furthermore, incoming calls that reach you via Tuenti can now be answered when your device is blocked, without having to enter your unlock code. If, during a traditional GSM call, you receive a call via VozDigital, you can reject or accept this call by putting the first on hold.

We can’t wait for our clients to update the operating system on their devices and the Tuenti application so they can make calls using the minutes of their rate more naturally and easily.

New design, new experience: focusing on communication

Posted on 3/02/2016 by Paul Iliffe, VP Product

.Tuenti has changed a great deal in recent years: we have gone from being Spain's largest social network to become a digital operator which is a standard-bearer for innovation, is always at the service of our customers to facilitate and enhance their communication, and which currently operates in 5 countries.

The reason for this change lies in the fact that the profile of our users has evolved dramatically during this time, with the priority now on direct communication between people - mainly through VozDigital - but also on the other communication features and products that we offer.

In our mission to enhance people's communications, we wanted to look at things from another perspective and we started working on a new version of the application with three very clear objectives:

  • We wanted an application that was made to communicate and which placed a special focus on calling;
  • An application that needed no explanation and was easy and natural for users,
  • That would involve a unique experience, both for our customers and users.

This process made us completely rethink the structure of the information and all the elements that make up our app, and led us to approach the development of the new version as if it were a completely new application, where we should only include things that comply with the principles we had defined. And so, after great teamwork involving the whole company, today we present the new version of our new application!

As part of this revamp, this new version of the app enables our users to reminisce about old times by offering the ability to create a video with the most popular photos from their .Tuenti experience which they can share on social networks. In addition, we provide the option to download all the photos in a ZIP file sorted by folders, one of the most requested features.

What's more, we are giving away 50 free VozDigital minutes so that all those users can get to know the company's new reality. Without needing to change operator or become a .Tuenti client, anyone can have their phone number in the cloud, in an app, so that you can use it on any device (phone, computer or tablet) to make calls to national and international landlines and cell phones, even without your SIM card and without GSM coverage (via a WiFi network). Whichever operator you're with.

Update the .Tuenti app and you're done!

.Our clients can save calls and listen to them again later

Posted on 12/17/2015 by Vanessa Hoya, Product Manager

Our goal when we decided to set to work on this functionality was to ensure that you don’t forget important calls. Starting today, our customers in Spain can save their important calls and listen to them again later, something no other operator currently offers.

This option can be manually enabled by customers who make or receive VozDigital calls via the app at any time during the call. Customers can also save all VozDigital calls they receive even when they don’t have GSM coverage (via a WiFi connection) or while they’re abroad. Simply press the save conversation button on the call screen and it will be saved. And, to play it back, you just need to press ‘Play’ in the chat conversation history.

This video explains things better:

This functionality is now available in the .Tuenti app for Android devices (available now for a percentage of customers and gradually for everyone). It will also be updated in the iOS version over the coming days.

The most complete cloudphone experience with the Tuenti app

Posted on 12/11/2014 by Luis Javier Álvarez, Product Manager

In our aim to develop even more our cloudphone experience, today we are presenting version 5.6 of the Tuenti app for Android and iOS that includes important features. Now, Tuenti Móvil customers can send text messages to all their contacts from a chat, without losing track of their conversations, regardless of the channel they use to communicate.

With a completely new interface for iOS as well as Android, we have highlighted more than ever the communication options available in chats: accessing the camera, sharing a photo or location, or sending a text message, as well as recording a new video and sharing it (only available in Android). The functionality of calling a contact or sending a voice message from the chat is still available.

Aside from supporting iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iOS 5.6 includes the option of answering app-to-app calls (free application-to-application calls) directly from the notification, without having to unblock the terminal, which significantly speeds up the call connection process.

In addition, Android customers may now connect the audio of a VOZDIGITAL call through Bluetooth speakers (for example, a vehicle's hands-free system). This version also allows Tuenti Móvil customers to verify the connection quality or the remaining VOZDIGITAL minutes when they call from their native Android contacts application.


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