New challenges in personal digital communications

Posted on 10/11/2016 by Sebas Muriel, Innovation in Personal Communications and CEO of Tuenti

Aiming towards greater innovation in personal communications, Telefonica has recently announced new organizational steps to show their firm commitment to becoming a full digital telco. This is why a new department called 'Innovation in Personal Communications' has been created and they have entrusted me to manage it. I will work with the entire team to define the strategy and push for the development of all advancements in digital communication and IP comms of the Telefónica Group in order to provide service not just to the second brand, Tuenti, but to its main brands as well (Movistar, Vivo and O2).

This new phase is the natural evolution of what we have been working on in recent years, and now have the opportunity and responsibility of extending and expanding that full digital telco experience, 100% digital, to new clients via a layer of innovation (OTT) and technological differentiation. In order to obtain this, I will support myself with the two teams that are in this new department, both the TU team and the Tuenti team, who already have the necessary technical expertise in developing valued added products and services for the million and a half end-users that use our digital products in the 8 countries in which we have been jointly operating up to now: Spain, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. This is just the beginning, and we have incredible possibilities to continue building a unique model of increasingly digital relations with our clients.

We continue to innovate, because it is in our DNA, doing things differently. And of course, we continue working with great enthusiasm on our Tuenti project, as the second brand in the Group, both in Spain and in Latin America, to offer a mobile telephone service targeted to youth in a unique digital experience via our app.

.In 2016 we will continue to improve our product and innovate with the latest technology in communications

Posted on 2/01/2016 by Sebas Muriel, CEO

After celebrating the company’s 10th anniversary, the team at .Tuenti would like to take stock of our path and present new strategic features in 2016, as well as the redesign of our application. For some time now we have been focused on growing our mobile operator client base (in Latin America as well as Spain) with the aim of achieving a million clients in the next few years. We will continue working towards this goal this year.

We’ve always been different to other companies on the market and this is evident in the product we develop: a product that we have continued to improve and repeat for years, based on user and client feedback, in depth analysis of usage statistics, strengthening the functions that enjoy better acceptance, and simplifying the user experience by removing the functions that are not as popular.

Since the company was founded in 2006, we have maintained our innovative spirit, evolving our business model from a social network to a distinguished mobile operator at the forefront of digital communication technology. Technology, innovation, doing things differently and challenging the sector’s status quo is in our DNA. We live in exciting times with many players – telecommunications companies and other internet and OTT companies – who develop interesting concepts. We are committed to changing things and to enriching the communication of people through a natural experience with robust and reliable technology.

In fact, on a business level, the company is in a better position than ever. In barely four years, company income has increased more than 230%. In 2011, the majority of income came from publicity on the social network in Spain (€10 million), but by 2013, more than 75% of income was the fruit of mobile telephone operations in Spain. While all income currently stems from mobile operations activity, the company has also come to enjoy an exclusive presence in Spain and been able to globalize its model via presence in five other countries, resulting in income from all markets reaching over €35 million. The company boasts more than 600,000 clients in Spain, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina and Mexico. We have managed to adapt a business model purely based on advertising to a subscription telecommunications model with a global client base, which has enabled us to oversee much more sustainable growth.

Innovating at the core of communications continues to be our main priority as we can see our application – particularly VozDigital – generates a much richer client experience, which in turn increases your satisfaction. That’s why our clients recommend our service more than others. Our cloudphone proposal, which is based on a common technology platform that will be progressively introduced based on the local needs of each market, is fully developed in our office on Madrid’s Gran Vía, while our team improve your experience every day by focusing on usage data and statistics and direct user and client feedback.

As such, we will shortly be launching a new version of the .Tuenti application on iOS and Android. It will present a redesign of navigation, favoring greater usability and focusing more on communication among clients and those who wish to try the service without changing their mobile company (anyone can enjoy a 50-minute trial of our telephone service on the cloud). With this new version of the application, we will be able to give back to old users of the social network what has always been theirs, facilitating the downloading of all of their photos. This doesn’t mean that users can’t continue to share photos, conversations, etc. as the application and will always be available, therefore favoring communication between all users using the chat feature, VozDigital, and all the new functions we’ll be making available in the future. This is our goal and we continue to stand by it: we will continue to work to improve the .Tuenti experience for each and every user.

We have won the ADSLZone Innovation Award 2015!

Posted on 11/06/2015 by .Tuenti Team

Last night the 5th edition of the ADSLZone group awards for technological excellence was held in Madrid, a meeting where the best telephony products and services of the year in Spain could be found, and our team received the Carrier of the Year Award in the innovation category.

For the third consecutive year we are recognized as deserving of this award. In 2013 we won it for Zerolímites and in 2014 for VozDigital, this year it’s for offering cloud telephony services without needing a physical SIM card, and even without GSM coverage. Once again our firm commitment to introduce pioneering innovations and unprecedented value added services in the industry has been recognised.

For another year we would like to thank the ADSLZone team for valuing our work in this way, which we do every day with great enthusiasm and pride. We continue to work to bring more surprises in 2016!

New challenges for 2015. Let’s go for it!

Posted on 1/12/2015 by Zaryn Dentzel, Founder and Chairman of Tuenti and Strategic Advisor for Telefónica Digital Transformation

Building Tuenti into the company that it is today has been the biggest accomplishment in my life, working side by side with one of the best teams in the world. The most important thing is to always remember who we are as a company and our dedication to building quality communication products. We have screwed up at times but we have also done what seemed like the undoable, leading the way in innovation and pioneering hitherto unprecedented offerings in the sector of mobile communications.

From this day forward, 9 years after having founded Tuenti, and as 2015 begins, I will play a more strategic role in the company as Chairman, as I also take on new responsibilities in the Telefónica group as the Strategic Advisor for Digital Transformation, helping Telefónica to shape the groups broader communications strategy. My good friend and the current COO, Sebas Muriel, will take on a more prominent role as the CEO of Tuenti, and I will continue to work with him and with our exceptional team, playing a part in defining Tuenti’s strategy and supporting the development of future advances. Sebas is a fighter with great vision but also a born hard-worker with a lot of patience. Most importantly, he is someone that has always shared the values required to drive forward the products that helped to put Tuenti on the map several years ago.

With over 230,000 customers in Spain, and many more in our new markets in Mexico, Argentina and Peru, Tuenti is more committed than ever to building the future app-powered cloudphone experience that will reinvent the telecommunications market as we know it and offer our clients exciting new technology that will improve their experience while providing them with added value. As a truly global company with innovation at its core, Tuenti is stronger than ever and I believe in Sebas’ ability to help us harness our potential in order that Tuenti can drive the innovation and new products to breathe new life into Telefónica’s global communications strategy.

We are at the beginning of a transformative and disruptive period in the field of communications and I believe that Tuenti will truly set the bar for our sector. The future is right here in front of us. All we have to do is build it.

We want you to always be close thanks to mobile innovation

Posted on 12/19/2014 by Tuenti Team

Christmas is a time to be close to loved ones, and also a time for good news. We're playing our part by working every day to develop innovative proposals to make mobile communication easier.

At this time of year, we have created a special website and a music video with the actress and choreographer Pau Vázquez, in which the star uses Tuenti's multi-platform cloud service to reach out and surprise you.

At Tuenti we are committed to developing the first international telephone carrier that stands out from the rest by integrating our own app for communication and line management services in the cloud, offering added value to customers like no other carrier. Innovation is our hallmark, and following Zerolímites in 2013, this year we have once again innovated more than anyone else in the sector through the launch of VOZDIGITAL, our cloudphone experience via the Tuenti app, and through the global development of our operations with Tuenti's launch in Mexico, Peru and Argentina. And in 2015, we'll keep on innovating to the max ;)

Merry Christmas! Happy 2015!


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