New VoIP calling service for our iPhone app

Posted on 4/22/2014 by Paul Iliffe, Product Manager

Today we are presenting major innovations to our native iOS app: for the first time ever, version 4.3 will include the free voice calling service. This means that users can now make or receive high quality multi-platform calls for free using the Tuenti iPhone application, which is also compatible with Android, Chrome and Opera.

Available for iPhone terminals (version 3GS and newer, equipped with the iOS6 operating system or higher), users will find the option for making free calls in the top right corner of the chat screen when chatting with friends or contacts. The call history with each person is displayed in a fully integrated manner in the conversation because it forms part of the conversation and everything is stored in the cloud.

Tuenti Móvil customers can make these calls using the Tuenti app without consuming cell phone data allowances thanks to Zerolímites, a completely innovative and exclusive concept in the cell phone carrier market.

Lastly, this version also includes improvements to the chat's usage experience thanks to visual innovations. It's time to update the app and try out the VoIP calling service with friends and contacts! ;)

New Chat Features in the New Version of Tuenti for iPhone

Posted on 11/25/2013 by Bernardo Reynolds, Product Manager

Here at Tuenti, we’re always working hard and launching new features for our apps. That’s why today we’re presenting version 3.7 for iPhone which is full of new features: public group chats, voice message, sound effects, and sticky notifications.

Since one of the most common reasons for using Tuenti is to meet new people, we’ve created public group chats, which give users an easy way to do so. This is a brand new new feature that allows registered Tuenti users that have common interests to chat and share, while still having the same privacy model in place. 

This new chat model, in beta phase, lets users create group chats that are shared as Moments and are integrated into the feed so that the creator’s friends can see and join them instantly. Just like our regular group chats, these can contain up to 75 participants, and the administrator can moderate and modify them.

We’ve also included voice messages and exclusive Tuenti sound effects that users can send through chat (kiss, laughter, happy birthday, etc.). Now, communication among friends and contacts will be even more personal.

This new version also comes with improved (“sticky”) notifications that provide a notifications history so that users can go back to them whenever they wish to, and they can be muted or deleted.

We believe that all of these updates allow for a communication among users that is simpler and more dynamic.  If you’d like to check out them, download or update the app and start taking advantage of all the new things we’ve added.

Moments with More Activity and Multi-Photo Chat Messages in Tuenti Version 3.6 for iPhone

Posted on 10/31/2013 by Bernardo Reynolds, Product Manager

Tuenti users with iPhone can now update their app and enjoy new features such as Moments with more activity in real-time and the ability to send multi-photo messages through chat.

Moments with more activity in real-time allow users to see who is checking out the same Moment they are, at the same time. This feature, which is also available for Tuenti users with Android, makes communication among users even more constant, and they won’t have to go back to the side menu in order to see notifications for friends’ Moments, making the whole experience even more real.

Additionally, with version 3.6 of Tuenti for iPhone, users can no share up to 10 photos at a time in their chat conversations, whether they’re having one-on-one conversations or within a group.

And, as an extra for Tuenti Móvil clients, this new version includes notifications related to account management: alerts for new voicemail messages, top-ups for credit and data, etc. Everything is in the very same app, simplifying the user and client experience because Tuenti loves simple! ;)

The New Tuenti App for all iPhone Users: New Navigation and Multi-Photo Moments

Posted on 10/17/2013 by Philip Arkcoll, VP de Producto

Today we present version 3.5 of Tuenti for iPhone. It’s our most advanced version and it includes, among other new features, the new navigation which is simpler and easier to use than the previous version and which has already been integrated for our Android users. We’ve created a whole new experience that’s also compatible with iOS7.

With this new version, iPhone users will be able to access notifications, events, and photos from a menu situated on the left-hand side of the app. As always, chat is located at the center of the experience and the feed is placed to the right so that users won’t miss any Moments that their friends share, and will always be in contact with the people that really matter.

We’ve included a single button that appears continuously in the lower right-hand corner of the screen that allows users to upload photos, create new chat conversations, and directly share Moments conveniently and simply from one place.

Version 3.5 includes the multi-photo upload and, just like the Android version, multi-photo Moments which allow users to upload several photos at a time within one Moment, creating compositions of up to four photos in the same frame. Tuenti is the only social app that includes this feature.  Additionally, all of the photos that users have uploaded from the web will now appear in their friends’ feeds, totally integrated and simplifying the navigational experience.

Starting today, all iPhone users will be able to enjoy this app, so we invite them to update their app on their smartphones, and use it to share their most important Moments and experiences with their friends. Our state-of-the-art platform also happens to be the most private and secure on the market.

New Version of Tuenti for iPhone Released

Posted on 8/09/2013 by Kike Alonso, User Experience Designer

Today we present the latest version of the new Tuenti app for iPhone, version 3.0. The last version included a lot of new features, but this one has even more. Starting today, Tuenti users with iPhone can enjoy improvements to chat, photos, notifications, the feed, invitations, and an improved registration process.

Users can now upload photos directly from their albums, share them in comments just as they would in chat groups, and they’ll also receive notifications when their friends tag them in photos. Additionally, just like the latest version for Android, iPhone users will also have an album that includes photos that have been shared within their group chats in the group’s dropdown menu .

We’ve also simplified the notification center by uniting the People and Activity tabs meaning that now, all notifications (people, Moments, wall comments, etc.) are centralized, and we’ve improved the feed by including real-time notifications for friends’ Moments.

We’ve also added a new functionality that permits users to share their location or the location of a place nearby, as well as look for places and share them through chat.

With version 3.0 for iPhone, inviting friends to Tuenti is also really easy. All users will have to do is select the name of a friend on the invitations screen, and Tuenti will send this person an email or free SMS to register on the platform. We’ve also simplified registration through iPhone.

We’re still working hard to offer high-quality, added value products to our users. We’ll be back with more updates soon.


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