New challenges in personal digital communications

Posted on 10/11/2016 by Sebas Muriel, Innovation in Personal Communications and CEO of Tuenti

Aiming towards greater innovation in personal communications, Telefonica has recently announced new organizational steps to show their firm commitment to becoming a full digital telco. This is why a new department called 'Innovation in Personal Communications' has been created and they have entrusted me to manage it. I will work with the entire team to define the strategy and push for the development of all advancements in digital communication and IP comms of the Telefónica Group in order to provide service not just to the second brand, Tuenti, but to its main brands as well (Movistar, Vivo and O2).

This new phase is the natural evolution of what we have been working on in recent years, and now have the opportunity and responsibility of extending and expanding that full digital telco experience, 100% digital, to new clients via a layer of innovation (OTT) and technological differentiation. In order to obtain this, I will support myself with the two teams that are in this new department, both the TU team and the Tuenti team, who already have the necessary technical expertise in developing valued added products and services for the million and a half end-users that use our digital products in the 8 countries in which we have been jointly operating up to now: Spain, UK, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. This is just the beginning, and we have incredible possibilities to continue building a unique model of increasingly digital relations with our clients.

We continue to innovate, because it is in our DNA, doing things differently. And of course, we continue working with great enthusiasm on our Tuenti project, as the second brand in the Group, both in Spain and in Latin America, to offer a mobile telephone service targeted to youth in a unique digital experience via our app.

Pioneers in the telephony of the future, we continue to grow and improve results

Posted on 4/13/2015 by Sebas Muriel, CEO Tuenti

2014 saw a significant improvement in our results: our turnover increased to 21 million euros in 2014, a 25% increase compared with the previous year, increasing the bottom line by 33%. 98% of our revenue is now generated from our service as a mobile operator, which has seen further growth, this time by 72% compared with 2013. We have reinvented Tuenti as a product, as a company and as a business model (our turnover is currently over double that of 2010 when our revenue originated exclusively from advertising). Tuenti has evolved dramatically and is no longer a social network. A 180º turn in a sector like technology and internet offer, where we are committed to offering our customers the future of mobile telephony right now.

Tuenti was created as a website in 2006 and, for the last three years, we have placed the mobile at the center of our twofold strategy: transforming Tuenti into a mobile app and developing our own service as an integrated telephony operator, officially launched in 2012 and now with over 240,000 active customers in Spain. Tuenti was in fact Spain’s first digital mobile operator, the first to center its commercial offering around data and the first to include an integrated management and communication app. We were pioneers, launching free app-to-app VoIP calls in 2013. We were also the first not to calculate our customers’ use of the app (Zerolímites) meaning that they don’t use up data or credit. In recent months, we have also been trailblazers by launching our service outside Spain, with a global model (already operational in Mexico, Peru and Argentina) focused on technological innovation, especially designed for those who heavily use mobile Internet.

Our more than 100 engineers are focused on developing high added-value products that make Tuenti the most ground-breaking operator, as it is the first to offer cross-platform cloud-based telephony services, with unique benefits and features, accelerating progress towards the mobile telephony of the future, and, since 2014, the first operator on the market to offer VOZDIGITAL calls: a further step forward when it comes to VoIP calls, which can be made via the Tuenti app to any landline or mobile number in Spain long before other global companies can offer this service. I’d like to once again thank the team who enable Tuenti to always remain one step ahead and, above all, the customers who rely on our services for their communication needs, encouraging everyone to know Tuenti today, the pioneering company developing the future of mobile telephony.

The operator of the future won’t need a SIM card to make calls or connect to the internet

Posted on 2/25/2015 by Communications Team

That’s what young Spaniards aged between 16 and 35 years of age believe, according to the results of the latest survey we conducted in collaboration with IPSOS.

71.3% of respondents claimed to know the meaning of the term “cloud telephony”, which goes to show young people’s interest in new tehnology and the communication of the future.

When asked about VoIP calls, they couldn’t decide whether these are the calls of the present or the future, as they’re already a reality. And talking of the future, those surveyed suggested that next up for the latest generation of smartphones would be the following: no need for a built-in SIM card to make calls or connect to the internet, devices with an infinite battery life and holographic video calls.

All the results of the study are available here (Spanish version).

New challenges for 2015. Let’s go for it!

Posted on 1/12/2015 by Zaryn Dentzel, Founder and Chairman of Tuenti and Strategic Advisor for Telefónica Digital Transformation

Building Tuenti into the company that it is today has been the biggest accomplishment in my life, working side by side with one of the best teams in the world. The most important thing is to always remember who we are as a company and our dedication to building quality communication products. We have screwed up at times but we have also done what seemed like the undoable, leading the way in innovation and pioneering hitherto unprecedented offerings in the sector of mobile communications.

From this day forward, 9 years after having founded Tuenti, and as 2015 begins, I will play a more strategic role in the company as Chairman, as I also take on new responsibilities in the Telefónica group as the Strategic Advisor for Digital Transformation, helping Telefónica to shape the groups broader communications strategy. My good friend and the current COO, Sebas Muriel, will take on a more prominent role as the CEO of Tuenti, and I will continue to work with him and with our exceptional team, playing a part in defining Tuenti’s strategy and supporting the development of future advances. Sebas is a fighter with great vision but also a born hard-worker with a lot of patience. Most importantly, he is someone that has always shared the values required to drive forward the products that helped to put Tuenti on the map several years ago.

With over 230,000 customers in Spain, and many more in our new markets in Mexico, Argentina and Peru, Tuenti is more committed than ever to building the future app-powered cloudphone experience that will reinvent the telecommunications market as we know it and offer our clients exciting new technology that will improve their experience while providing them with added value. As a truly global company with innovation at its core, Tuenti is stronger than ever and I believe in Sebas’ ability to help us harness our potential in order that Tuenti can drive the innovation and new products to breathe new life into Telefónica’s global communications strategy.

We are at the beginning of a transformative and disruptive period in the field of communications and I believe that Tuenti will truly set the bar for our sector. The future is right here in front of us. All we have to do is build it.

One more milestone in Tuenti's history

Posted on 11/06/2013 by Zaryn Dentzel, CEO and Founder

Tuenti and Telefónica have reached an agreement by which Telefónica becomes Tuenti's sole shareholder as of today. This operation confirms their commitment to Tuenti, keeping the management team, and completes the 2010 operation, by which Telefónica became our strategic shareholder and majority shareholder.

This strategic alliance has enabled us to keep growing through innovation, reinventing Tuenti, going well beyond a social network, integrating social communication and mobile services with new products with added value, competing with global players.

For us, the long-term vision is the most important aspect. In our company's history we have had several investors, and these last three years have been vital to take Tuenti to the next level. Our challenge is to keep innovating, and we have a great team to do it. We are experiencing one more milestone in our young history and now start a new stage where we remain committed to keep innovating at 100% within Telefónica. We are happy innovating and working with the team to the fullest, bringing our team's talent and innovation to help to revolutionize the Telco sector and social communication. Everything lies ahead and we will do it together. All the way!


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