.Our clients won’t have to pay their bill again

Posted on 2/08/2016 by Sara Lekanda, Product Marketing

Here at .Tuenti, we believe there’s strength in numbers and that’s why we want to reward those who think like us. How? By rewarding them with credit.

For every friend a client brings to .Tuenti, both will receive €10 instead of the usual €5, thanks to this promotion, which will be available until March 31.

In all other aspects, our Invite and Earn system will continue like normal. After receiving the €10, the initial client will continue to receive €0.50 a month as long as his friend continues with us. And as if that isn’t enough, if this invited friend invites other friends, the initial client will receive €0.20 for each of them. In other words, the more friends invited, the more credit you gain. No promos involved.

For example, Fulanito receives €50 for bringing five friends to .Tuenti and, if each of those friends were to invite a further five friends, Fulanito would receive €7.50 each month. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Furthermore, new clients to .Tuenti will be able to enjoy the .Double Promotion this month, which offers double the data and double the minutes for €7, the same price as always.

This month, friendship is worth double on Tuenti Móvil

Posted on 5/07/2015 by Marga Batle, Tuenti Móvil Online Marketing

Did you know that he who has a friend has a treasure? Well, at Tuenti Móvil we want to reward friendship by giving you and your friend €10 during the month of May. If your friend registers with Tuenti Móvil thanks to an invitation that you’ve sent them before the end of this month, you’ll each receive a €10 topup on your account if you’re on prepaid or a €10 discount off your next bill if you’re on postpaid. It’s that easy ;)

So, now you know, your friends are worth treasures and what better way to start the summer than by cashing in on that friendship. You can find more details on the promo here.

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