We are focusing on VOZDIGITAL with our new tariffs

Posted on 10/08/2014 by Antonio Vigueras, CBO

Today we are presenting our new commercial offering with new tariffs that have a strong focus on VOZDIGITAL, the innovative service presented in July that is the element that differentiates us from other cell phone carriers.

We believe in value-added services, and aside from offering excellent tariffs, what really stands out is that we are providing customers with an experience that is different from other cloudphone services and that no other carrier can offer. This means that all phone book contacts, call history, account management, etc., are available in the device as well as in the cloud, in the customer's Tuenti profile, which can be accessed from any device (web or mobile). We offer a multi-platform cloud experience, and all communication services (text messages, standard GSM calls, VoIP calls, voicemail, push-to-talk, etc.) are integrated in our app.

From now on, new customers who purchase a Tuenti Móvil SIM from the website as well as existing customers who would like to change their tariff will have access to four different tariffs:

We are also introducing a simplified offering of three tariffs for physical point of sale locations. The €7 and €11 plans are now joined by a €16 plan that includes 1 GB + 100 min of GSM calls and unlimited VOZDIGITAL minutes:

GSM calls are charged at 0 cents per minute, while the unlimited VOZDIGITAL tariffs, referred to as "The first unlimited voice plan for everyone", represent the company's commitment with providing access to calls through the app to customers who do not use traditional voice calls.

We are improving the user experiences of our telco services in the Tuenti app

Posted on 9/22/2014 by Paul Iliffe, Product Manager

Today we are introducing version 5.3 of our app for Android, which will also be available for iOS in the coming days. It is focused on improving the user experiences of our telco services through the app for Tuenti Móvil customers.

In version 5.3 for Android, we have improved the call interface so customers may choose between VOZDIGITAL, the mobile network, or call app to app. Information will be displayed on-screen regarding the mobile network's connection quality and the status of the VOZDIGITAL bundle, allowing customers to know at any time whether any minutes remain in their tariff.

The chat is now a key aspect of the telco integration within the application and it now provides clearer information on the types of communication the user has made with contacts, making it easier to identify voicemail messages, text messages or calls. We have also completed access to and searching for contacts, providing iOS and Android users with relevant information such as the contact's phone number at a glance. It is now also easier to identify the type of call selection (app to app or VOZDIGITAL).

With this new version, we continue to improve the service for making free app to app calls in terms of the service's quality and stability. In addition, as of now, iOS and Android users can make calls using open WiFi networks in places where it was not possible in the past (such as university campuses, airports, etc.). At the same time, with this latest update of our app, which first updated version (1.0) called Classic was launched in 2012, will be no longer supported. It's time to update the app in the Android store! Coming soon for iOS!

New VoIP calling service for our iPhone app

Posted on 4/22/2014 by Paul Iliffe, Product Manager

Today we are presenting major innovations to our native iOS app: for the first time ever, version 4.3 will include the free voice calling service. This means that users can now make or receive high quality multi-platform calls for free using the Tuenti iPhone application, which is also compatible with Android, Chrome and Opera.

Available for iPhone terminals (version 3GS and newer, equipped with the iOS6 operating system or higher), users will find the option for making free calls in the top right corner of the chat screen when chatting with friends or contacts. The call history with each person is displayed in a fully integrated manner in the conversation because it forms part of the conversation and everything is stored in the cloud.

Tuenti Móvil customers can make these calls using the Tuenti app without consuming cell phone data allowances thanks to Zerolímites, a completely innovative and exclusive concept in the cell phone carrier market.

Lastly, this version also includes improvements to the chat's usage experience thanks to visual innovations. It's time to update the app and try out the VoIP calling service with friends and contacts! ;)

Important advances in our pioneer voice over IP calling service

Posted on 3/27/2014 by Paul Iliffe, Product Manager

We were pioneers in adding the possibility of making voice over IP (VoIP) calls to our new Android cell phone application in June 2013 that allowed users to make free calls without consuming voice minutes. Since then, we have been developing the beta phase of this service, and today we are launching a new update in the latest version of our Android application that includes significant improvements to the app's voice calling service. Version 4.3 contains quality improvements, especially in terms of phone call audio and regardless of whether calls are made via a WiFi or 3G network, and calls made to friends and contacts using the Tuenti app are now more stable.

It is important to point out that Tuenti Móvil customers can make these calls using the Tuenti app without consuming cell phone data allowances thanks to Zerolímites, which is completely innovative and exclusive in the cell phone operator market. In addition to making free voice calls using this improved functionality, customers may also navigate the Tuenti website and app for free without using data allowances, even if they have already been consumed.

Another important feature is that as of today, the VoIP service is compatible for the first time with the web (using the Chrome browser), which means that users can make or receive free voice calls on their computer via the Tuenti application.

These improvements require users to update to the latest version of our Android app in order to benefit from its new multiplatform advantages.

Go ahead and update to test the new voice calling service using Android or the Internet, and talk without using minutes. It will soon be available for iPhone as well.

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