This summer, half-price data Bonoplus

Posted on 6/16/2015 by Gema Perona, Head of Loyalty

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. In addition to the availability of 4G and the option to try .Tuenti before signing up, this summer our customers will enjoy half-price data Bonoplus.

So, when our customers use up all the data in their Bundle, they just need to use the .Tuenti app to buy a Bonoplus from the Account section, and voilà. From today until September 25, data Bonoplus’ will be priced as follows: 300MB for 1.5€, 500MB for 2.5€ and 1GB for 4€.

Because data’s there to be used, especially in the summer! Find out all the info on the promo here.

We present Bonoplus for postpaid customers

Posted on 12/10/2014 by Marta Padilla, Product Manager

At Tuenti Móvil, we continue working on developing the most complete service offering, which is why today we present for our postpaid customers the 300 MB expansion bundles for €3, 500 MB for €5, and 1 GB of data for €8 (VAT included), as well as the VOZDIGITAL Bonoplus with 50 minutes for €2, 100 minutes for €3.50, and 200 minutes for €6 (VAT included).

These new postpaid Bonoplus are in addition to the prepaid ones. Now, all our customers may top up minutes or data and continue talking or browsing at the best price. Just like the prepaid Bonoplus, the postpaid Bonoplus may also be added at any time through the app or the user's profile in the Tuenti website as many times as needed, even before running out. This means that VOZDIGITAL minutes and existing data allowances are accumulated, so any MB that are not consumed are not lost since they are activated when the 30-day Internet Bundle has run out.

All the information about Bonoplus is available in our Help section ;)

Data Stop: Stop Using Data When Your Bundle Runs Out

Posted on 3/04/2014 by Susana Guio, Product Manager

We’re all about innovation and we’re at it again. We’re introducing a new feature for Tuenti Móvil clients with prepaid lines that allows them to stop their national data connection when their data Bundle has run out. Starting today, clients who have Data Stop enabled when their monthly Internet Bundle runs out will be able to control when they use data and will not receive extra charges for connecting to the Internet.

With this optional feature enabled, clients with prepaid lines will not be able to connect to the internet from their device, but they will be able to use the Tuenti app to chat, call or share with friends and contacts thanks to Zerolímites, our value-added service that doesn’t require credit or data.

Clients can enable or disable Data Stop whenever they want on their Mobile Account through the Tuenti app or on the web: with an active or inactive data Bundle, or even while using Bonoplus. If this feature is deactivated and the client has exhausted his/her data Bundle (or it is inactive), Internet connections are charged at a rate of 3.63 cents/MB, and the connection speed will remain the same. Find out all about Data Stop here.

Presenting our New TV Commercial

Posted on 2/14/2014 by Alejandro Vázquez-Guillén, VP of Marketing and Sales

This Sunday, we’re presenting our new TV commercial. This will be the second TV commercial in our history, after last year’s success, in which we reflect on some of young people’s values and way of life. It’s a difficult age, and even more so these days socially speaking, marked by the huge impact of mobility. Life is unpredictable and we live in constant chaos, but in the end, it’s that wonderful chaos of life that deserves to be lived and shared intensely. The song chosen for this year is Crown On The Ground by Sleigh Bells.

This campaign delves into the desire to share all of the experiences lived in this stage of life with the world. A concept that seeks to reinforce and complement one of the greatest strengths of Tuenti Móvil: a very competitive data-centered tariff. There is no doubt that we are the most innovative and only social mobile operator, with an integrated communication and account management app.

Today we want to make sure that no one remains indifferent, and here is the brand new commercial a few days before you’ll see it on TV. What about you? Don’t you think life is wonderfully chaotic and should be lived and shared intensely? #benditocaos

The New 500 MB Bonoplus is Now Available

Posted on 1/31/2014 by The Tuenti Móvil Team

Our data offer for Tuenti Móvil clients keeps getting better. We’ve just added a new 500 MB extension bundle for €5 (VAT included) for prepaid lines. This new Bonoplus joins the 300 MB Bonoplus which we’ve also lowered in price to €3 (VAT included). Now there are two ways in which clients can extend our 1 GB and 1.5 GB bundles so that they never run out of data and browse at the best prices.

The new 500 MB Bonoplus can be added on to the 30-day data bundle once a client has up 80% it, and Bonoplus will be activated when the original bundle runs out entirely. This way, clients will never lose unused data. Bonoplus can also be added on as many times as necessary before the monthly bundle expires.

We’ve been listening to our clients and that’s why we’ve simplified our tariffs as much as possible, making them even more competitive. We still have new things in store for responding to the needs of Tuentimovilers. Find out more about Bonoplus here. ;)


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