.Merry Christmas from all the team at .Tuenti

Posted on 12/18/2015 by .Tuenti Team

In 2015, we broke with tradition. We became the only operator on the market to let you try before you buy and we’ve broken down barriers – both physical and geographical – to facilitate communication for all of our clients wherever they are and using any device.

Ready for what 2016 will bring?

Merry Christmas and here’s to 2016!

1GB of data as a Christmas gift

Posted on 12/03/2015 by Jose Novo, Customer Loyalty

We know that our customers need to be more connected than ever at this time of year. That’s why we’ve decided to get a jump on Christmas and give all our postpaid customers a gift of 500MB in December and a further 500MB in January so you don’t miss out on any Christmas greetings.

What do you have to do? Nothing. When you access your account you’ll see the first additional 500MB for December and the same will happen in January. And presto!

75% of young Spaniards celebrated the holidays via chat

Posted on 1/07/2015 by Communications Team

Today we present the results of the latest study carried out by Tuenti Móvil in collaboration with IPSOS that reveal how respondents celebrated this Christmas and New Year: 75% of those surveyed did so via chat using images, emoticons, inspirational phrases or New Year’s resolutions. 12% said that they still send cards and 2% use SMS. On the other hand, 8% of those surveyed confessed to being a Grinch and not celebrating Christmas.

34% of respondents claimed that group chats are the best way to celebrate Christmas, 22% preferred GIFs (animations), while 19% opted for memes (images) as the best way to reflect the essence of these holidays on their cell phone. Without a doubt, any of these expressions offer clear evidence of the intense use of cell phones and internet in our daily lives.

All the results of the study are available here.

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